SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME Trailer Poster – Avengers EndGame Spoilers

SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME Trailer reveals the iconic Spiderman theme? Now this does put a smile on my face! But thats about the only thing. Be warned there are clear Avengers EndGame Spoiler in here. I mean its got to be a Major spoiler considering this movie is set moments after the end of Endgame! To be honest that did not put a smile on my face!

Other things that put a smile on our face about the SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME Trailer.

  • Reveal of Mysterio in full costume
  • Is that Sandman and Hydro Man or just Hydro Man. Wait, and is that Molten Man too?
  • Reveal of new Spider-Man costumes
  • Happy Hogan and Aunt May flirting. Yes really!

However, we are not sure about this SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME Trailer. Gonna be a big year for Marvel. One of the best. They’re giving us the character we’ve all been waiting for, the biggest movie event ever, and our favourite Avenger. Nothing can compete. Wait… what… guys, what’s happening. Oh no. Guys, I don’t feel so good… In the context of the wider MCU this does not feel right!


And when did May find out he was Spidey? I need to watch HomeComing again! Even the poster looks naff! The trailer looks like the movie was produced by Sony and not Marvel Studios.

And what does this mean for our Avengers Endgame Convincing Theories

See what Digital Spy thought of it

What are the EndGame spoilers? Well, Nick Fury and Maria Hill aka Samuel L Jackson and Cobie Smulders are in this trailer. Remember they died in Infinity War? WTH?

Also has Marisa Tomei returning and Jon Favreau Jake Gyllenhaal was in talks to play classic Marvel villain Mysterio, with a later filming video seeming to confirm that he was playing the villain and the actor himself confirmed he was playing Mysterio in early December 2018. Let us know what you think of SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME Trailer in the comments!

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