Everything need to know about Anthem

Everything need to know about Anthem. There’s a lot of anthem news videos flying around Youtube, but today we wanted to tell you everything you need to know as quickly as possible. Everything you need to know about Anthem into a few minutes read. Anthem is a co-op for four players, a third person open world game releasing on February 22nd 2019. The game is set in a world where God’s called Shapers use ancient technology to build the planet where Anthem takes place by commanding the Anthem of Creation itself.

Luckily though we’ve got our hands on some of this old tech and can use it to form exosuits called Javelins, but we’ll get into that in a second. Don’t think Iron Man or Pacific Rim. Despite sharing the world with your friends, you’ll have your storyline, meaning the choices you make in your cutscenes may be different to your friends and your storylines may differ dramatically.

There are four playable j Javelins in Anthem, the Ranger, the starting javelin, in an all-around balanced class. The Colossus a heavy class with slower movement, but more health and more powerful weapons. The Storm, a warlock light class, is a class kind of like the storm can deal massive damage but has very little health so you will need to attack carefully and finally the Interceptor, an assassin which thrives on getting in and out very quickly while dealing massive damage. Sounds like fun! The enemies will be fighting against are named, The Dominion, and they’ve discovered a way to weaponise the Anthem of creation. Your home base is not a social space. This is for you and you only. There is also a mobile base. Go to strata. The strata is a massive walker. Then we’ll walk around the map allowing you to manage your load and change class.

While inside anthem will feature microtransactions, but fortunately they will be cosmetic only, so no loot boxes in Anthem. As with most games, there will be main missions inside missions, but Anthem has unique missions, called strongholds as well. These are difficult areas that will require teamwork and coordination to complete. Supposedly they will each take about 30 to 45 minutes to conquer. This is the highest level and gang activity that we know of at this stage. Each Javelin has its specific levelling system, so if you want to upgrade the Colossus, you need to use the Colossus. Supposedly Anthem will have a rate equivalent, and right matchmaking will be present. However, no more details have been shared just yet. Anthem will not have PvP or at least not at launch, and that’s everything you need to know about Anthem.

Not feeling Anthem? How about Devil May Cry?

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