DC Comics Art Academy Featuring Artgerm Stanley Lau Video Tutorial

DC Comics Art Academy Featuring Artgerm Stanley Lau Video Tutorial

Artgerm Stanley Lau – DC Comics Art Academy Featuring Artgerm Stanley Lau Video Tutorial

Artgerm Stanley Lau Art Academy Video Tutorial
Artgerm Stanley Lau

Welcome to the DC Comics Art Academy, a series of art tutorials and interviews recorded at Comic-Cons featuring many of the gifted and unique artists working for DC today. In today’s installment, illustrator Artgerm Stanley Lau  takes the stage for a talk about his career. He sketches both Batgirl and Supergirl while discussing what it’s like to draw variant covers, switching between traditional and digital mediums and why he doesn’t draw interiors.

Check Out DC Poster Portfolio: Artgerm Stanley Lau

DC Poster Portfolio: Stanley Lau
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For more from Artgerm Stanley Lau , check out his variant cover for this week’s Supergirl #26: https://www.readdc.com/Supergirl-2016…

More About Artgerm Stanley Lau

Born and bred in Hong Kong, the multifaceted Stanley wears different hats as an illustrator, designer, concept artist, creative director and co-founder of Imaginary Friends Studios — a world acclaimed digital art studio that produces high quality artworks for the likes of Capcom, DC Comics, Marvel Comics and other giants in the entertainment and gaming industry.
 Formally trained in graphic design and advertising, Stanley’s art is imbued with a strong sense of aesthetics and visual fluidity. It is a perfect blend of eastern and western art styles. Better known by his handle Artgerm, Stanley’s art continues to infect and inspire new generations of artists and his ever-growing fan base around the world.
To this date, Stanley’s online art gallery on deviantART has been viewed for more than 50 million times and have close to a million followers on social media. 
Artgerm Stanley Lau is very active in the international art community. He has been invited to varies educational institutions & conferences to share his passion in art in many countries such as the USA, Canada, Japan, Italy, Mexico, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore.
On top of that, Stanley Lau has enjoyed coverage on interior features with international art publications like 2D Artist, ImagineFX and international art annuals such as Spectrum & Expose. Stanley was also featured frequently on newspapers, online media, in addition to appearances on TV shows, radio segments & news programs. 
Presently, Stanley and the 2 other partners of IFS (Kendrick & Kai) are running a full-time diploma course in Digital Design & Illustration for aspiring artists worldwide, in collaboration with 3dsense Media School Singapore. Visit 3dsense.net for course details.

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More Stunning DC Comics Art  by Stanley Lau – Click Images to get Full Scale Views .New Gallery Coming Soon Subscribe on You Tube for First Look 

 - Artgerm - Stanley Lau Art Academy Video Tutorial    DC Comics Art Featuring - Artgerm - Stanley Lau Art Academy Video Tutorial     


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