Marvel Studios Phase Four Plans

Marvel Studios Phase Four Plans

Marvel Studios Phase Four as Marvel films are grouped into several phases, which really are just a convenient way to remember big events. Think of them like different era’s of prehistoric time, but with more natural to remember names and not things like Jurassic! There are still two pending movies scheduled to be released during Marvel’s Phase Three. Those are Avengers Endgame and Captain Marvel. Obvs. We’re over the top excited about both these movies, but we can’t help but wonder what’s going to come next.

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Marvel Studios Phase Four Plans

Let’s talk about the highly anticipated Marvel Studios Phase Four. There’s no denying that Avengers Four is going to be a game changer of a film in many ways and some of our favourite characters will be ending their long journeys, probably. This might be the most significant catalyst for change in the history of the MCU, and we can’t stop thinking about what comes next. Redditor Willis underscore 17, had some interesting thoughts on the topic and posted some phase four predictions. We say this much; does anyone actually know which movies fell into phase one and phase two?

Marvel Studios Phase Four
Will Kang or Nova or Namor or Warlock show up? Click image to zoom

Marvel Studios Phase Four Cosmic Phase 4?

Now Marvel predictions and theories are a dime a dozen, but we found some evidence which may back up these claims for Marvel Studios Phase Four. Let’s start out with the movies we think we’ll be getting released during this period. So far, we know Spider-man Far from Home and Guardians of the Galaxy volume three will be parts of the fourth MCU phases. However, the latter has been delayed significantly due to the firing of the director, James Gunn. Only time will tell when we’ll finally see our favourite Guardians back in action, and many fans wonder if this time around we’ll finally get to see the infamous Adam Warlock appearing in the MCU. Just like the previous phases, we’re guessing we’ll get a good mix of sequels to beloved characters and exciting new ones added to the lineup. With Gunn out of the way can we finally have Nova now? He will look so good in the MCU, his powers were made for the cinematic treatment.

Marvel Studios Phase Four – Black Panther and Moon Knight?

Black Panther was a massive success, grossing over billions at the box office and yes, that’s billion with a B. Director and copywriter Ryan Coogler has already signed on to work on the sequel, much to the joy of Black Panther fans, but what may end up surprising fans is just who makes an appearance in the movie during Black Panther.

Michael B, Jordan’s depiction of the villainous Killmonger was a massive success, but sadly the character didn’t survive that. They’re going to need new roles during the second movie, and we have a few of them in mind. Marvel Studios Kevin Feige has been talking about bringing the superhero Moon Knight into the MCU. This character has no shortage of fans and has dealings with the Black Panther in the comic books, although Feige couldn’t comment on when Moon Knight might appear, we would love to see him side by side with TChallah. The only thing which gives us pause is that Moon Knight is a pretty dark gritty character even compared to the grim times of the current MCU, it’s possible the studio may hold off on Moon Knight until they can give him the movie he deserves.

Namor, The Sub Mariner, Prince of Atlantis

Namor is another Marvel character who fans have been eager to see on the big screen. And would be great for Marvel Studios Phase Four. You could say he’s Marvel’s, answer for the DC character Aquaman, but frankly, we think it’s a bit insulting. Sure. They both command the sea, but Namor is it complex Anti-Hero capable of both good deeds and horrific acts of vengeance and the comics. He has been both a friend and foe of Wakanda and the Black Panther at times. Some predict that there will finally be a Namor a movie during phase four, but the situation is a little bit complicated. Namor is one of the many great comic book characters caught up in a studio dispute, Marvels, Kevin Feige admits he’s working on adding Namor to his library of superheroes, but these things unfortunately take time. Currently, the rights to the character belonged to Universal Studios, but Feige is seeing if something can be worked out. He commented that Namor maybe gradually integrated into the MCU, so instead of a standalone movie, it’s possible Namor could show up during the upcoming Black Panther sequel, another sequel we expect to see some time soon.

Marvel Studios Phase Four – Dr. Strange

Is Dr Strange, Stephen Strange is one of the few MCU superheroes not to have a sequel either completed or in the works. He just got caught up in Infinity War, and now the good doctor is a little bit preoccupied, but fear not Strange fans because Kevin Feige has confirmed another movie is in the works. Thanos has done many evil things, but perhaps the worst of which is keeping us from the sequel to Dr Strange. Although Kevin Feige wouldn’t comment on a possible release date, it does seem like a reasonably safe prediction for phase four.

Marvel Studios Phase Four – Black Widow,Crimson Widow

Now, let’s talk about a member of the Avengers who didn’t even get the first movie yet, Black Widow. Marvel Studios Phase Four needs to have Black Widow. Its time. Hollywood seems to think Scarlett Johansson can play any role, but for some reason, they have refused to give her a standalone Black Widow film. Antman and the Wasp was the first time a female character even got to share the headline with a male character in them, and that movie exceeded the revenue of the original. Black Widow is a great character, a founding member of the Avengers and it’s way past time. Plus Ms Johansson is top box office.

She got her own movie. Most people have assumed this movie will be a prequel exploring the rarely quoted history of Natasha Romanoff. This could mean we’ll see Natasha after the fall of the Soviet Union when she first gets involved with Shield. It seems like we will also see some other familiar Marvel characters, including both Hawkeye and Bucky Barnes.

Next villain? Kang, Doom?

Another amazing female character getting her own movie is the unimaginable Captain Marvel even before her film hits theatres. Marvel is getting her a role to play during the fourth Avengers film. This says they have confidence in the character and that Captain Marvel will have a significant role to play in the MCU. With this in mind, it doesn’t sound inconceivable to think that a second Captain Marvel movie may come out during phase four. We believe the list of phase four predictions from Reddit is reliable, but we’re sceptical about the possibility of a Captain Marvel Annihilation Movie. Comic book fans know that Annihilation as a story line from the comic books which features a powerful villain called Annihilus. Talking of bad guys, with all the time travel rumours from Endgame, isn’t this setting up Kang the Conqueror? Surely? Kang would be an acceptable villain for Marvel Studios Phase Four.

The MCU, without actually seeing Captain Marvel or the fourth Avengers movie, we don’t think we can predict what Captain Marvel two would be about yet. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is always happy to hand out promising bits of information with frustratingly few details. When discussing the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has mentioned the Eternals comic books. It’s more than just an idea at this point, and the studio has been actively beginning to have creative discussions about bringing them into the MCU. What price Doom to show up in Marvel Studios Phase Four? Think the Internet would break lol!

Marvel Studios Phase Four
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Marvel Studios Phase Four – Celestials and Eternals

Kevin Feige admitted to no one’s surprise that Avengers four, Captain Marvel and Spider-man Far from Home are occupying the bulk of the studios time and efforts. This doesn’t mean they aren’t also thinking about the future. In addition to coming up with the sequels, the MCU needs a constant influx of new characters to stay exciting and competitive. The Eternals were created by Jack Kirby, who also had a hand in creating some amazing Marvel characters, including the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Incredible Hulk. The Eternals are an evolutionary offshoot of human beings, were created by the cosmic entities known as the Celestials. These beings are immensely old and immeasurably powerful. During Guardians of the Galaxy. Volume two, we learned that Peter Quill’s, father Ego, was one of these Celestials. The Celestials enjoyed thoroughly playing God and accelerated evolution and some subjects. This left the Eternals with an impressive array of superpowers, while the Eternals use their powers for good, their counterparts, the Deviants, use them for either if you’ve ever wondered what a hybrid of an Eternal and a Deviant would look like, look no further than our good friend Thanos.

Marvel Studios Phase Four
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We all know we can’t get enough of the mad Titan, but we mentioned him as an example of the sort of power wielded by the Eternals. They would definitely be an exciting addition to the MCU and would really shake things up during phase four. Another addition, which would change the MCU dramatically, would be the Fantastic Four. We’ve seen them on the big screen before, but never as a part of the MCU for a long time. The licenses to these characters were with 21st Century Fox, but they’ll be overseen by Marvel Studios as early as 2019. We can’t wait to see them join our existing cast of heroes, but we also wonder how they’ll appear to fit together with all of the current moving pieces. Marvel studios plans. It’s movies out years in advance, and it’s easy to see why. Because of the sheer amount of complex parts and characters, as much as we would love to see the Fantastic Four and heck even the X men as part of the MCU, this process could take a long time. Although we are closer now.

Fantastic Four

The merger won’t even be entirely complete until September 2019, so be sceptical that a Fantastic Four movie could make it into the already jam-packed Marvel Studios Phase Four of the Marvel movies. And if the FF join the MCU then are Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer and Galactus far behind? The villain choice in Phase 4 is very important!

We’re still hung up on the tragic ending of Avengers Infinity War, but we’re trying to hold out hope for Avengers four. There’s no denying this movie is going to be a massive game changer and will be losing at least one of our favourite heroes. This is going to mean there’ll be lots of room in the MCU for new characters. In fact, some fans have already started to talk about the fifth movie in the Avengers franchise!

Don’t even get us started on the X-Men in Marvel Studios Phase Four. Its got to be Phase 5 or something.

mcu xmen
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