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Should PC games cost less on Epic’s Games Store

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Metro Exodus from Deep Silver will soon be moving from Steam to Epic’s Games Store. This left consumers confused about the pricing of the game.

For those consumers that had pre-ordered the game through Steam before the announcement was made, they paid $60. However, ordering now from the Epic Games Store will mean that you will only pay $50.

However, despite that price reduction, the game developer will actually make more money. This is because Epic offers an 88% revenue share and valve offers a 70% revenue share. However, with Valve, the percentage goes up a bit after sales of more than $10 million, a figure that only best online gambling sites game players can hope of winning.

Passing the Savings On

What’s surprising is the fact that the game is actually the first to effectively pass on the savings from Epic’s revenue-sharing terms to the user. At the time of writing, all the other games available on both Epic and Steam all share the same price.

Prove Your Worth

However, this does not really mean that players will actually be swayed from the Steam version of the game. This is because most players just want to have their game libraries lists centralised. Also, there is a Steam app that offers some features that are no yet matched by other game launchers. These include a built-in music player, robust forum communities, and easy screenshot sharing, among others.

Some of Steam’s users will actually be willing to pay the extra mark-up if those features mentioned above are that important to them.

Try It On For Size

Game developers will have to charge what the market will bear for their games. For people who aren’t interested in games, they can also check out www.bestussportsbetting.com for latest bedding odds on their favourite teams including the ones included in PC games. You can’t really fault Epic’s publishers for trying to keep the prices level. That way, they pocket the additional share of revenue that is being offered by Epic.

However, we really think that publishers can actually benefit from lowering costs to reflect their increased cut. In fact, Valve’s annual sales show that a slight game discount can have a marked effect on sales volume.

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