Transformers Toys Hound – New Self Transforming Robots

Transformers Toys Hound – New Self Transforming Robots.


Transformers Toys Hound – New Self Transforming Robots – Did you ever think it would be possible for your Transformers Toys Hound   to Automatically Transform ?? Well maybe this was something of dreams before but now a New Company from China Senpower , have developed an innovative working prototype of  these ultra cool Transformers Toys Hound – New Self Transforming Robots

Watch how this Fully Working Transformers Toys Hound – New Self Transforming Robots transforms from Robot to Jeep automatically.This ultra cool toy also dances & play’s music.

The good old days of spending hours and hours painfully transforming your Toy Collection are over !! We would be very surprised if Hasbro/Takara didn’t snap these guys awesome technology up immediately…

Also Watch the Black & White Prototype version.Transformers Toys Hound – New Self Transforming Robots

Hound is a fictional robot superhero character from the Transformers robot superhero franchise. He is sometimes referred to as Autobot Hound for trademark purposes

The toy that was to become the Autobot Hound was originally released as part of the Japanese Diaclone series by Takara.

A first-generation Autobot, Hound (Destino in Aguascalientes, Dépisteur in Quebec and Canguro in Italy) was released into Transformers’ first year – 1984 and was one of the smallest of the standard-sized Autobot cars. Hound’s alternate mode is that of a 4X4 military jeep, and comes with three different weapons – a Missile Launcher, a Machine Gun and a Hologram Gun.

Hound is known for his love of the planet Earth, his tracking skills, and the ability to project highly realistic holograms. He secretly wishes to be human

.Transformers are based on the toys & cartoons created by Hasbro and Takara / Tomy in the mid 80’s.

Initially Transformers  toys where re branded from Takara’s Diaclone and Microman toylines, the franchise began in 1984 with the Transformers toy line, and centers on factions of self-configuring modular extraterrestrial robotic lifeforms (often the Autobots and the Decepticons) in an endless civil war for dominance or eventual peace. In its history, the franchise has expanded to encompass comic books, animation, video games ,films and a whole varitey of other merchandise.


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