Spellbreak Battle Royale RPG Closed Alpha Gameplay

Today we’re looking at the upcoming game Spellbreak Battle Royale, which has been growing a buzz over the last few months as more and more footage of the game has been released, in case you weren’t quite aware of the title.

Spellbreak Battle Royale is an upcoming battle royale RPG featuring epic magic combat, where you’ll weave together spectacular spell combinations and craft strategic builds in your quest for survival. Now, if that language seems a little bit epic, it’s because that’s the copy pulled right from the Faq, from Proletariat’s website, the company behind Spellbreak Battle Royale. What can be said and shown had been quite limited or restricted to only sharing what’s been officially shared. But now the NDA has been lifted here are our first impressions. In the future we’ll touch on some of the more specific aspects to the game. Why Spellbreak is unique, at least in terms of the battle royale genre as it’s not just another battle royale game to roll your eyes at and add to the list of 100 others coming out soon.

Now, there are a few things I could talk about an extended length of the video with, but let’s keep this on point with. The most important part to me, Spellbreak Battle Royale game that isn’t defined by genre. Now, let me explain what I mean by that. Pub g would be the opposite. Its appeal is solely being a battle royale. If they decided to alter the game and make it only a traditional deathmatch or king of the hill or capture the flag style mode, even more, people would stop playing quality wise. It was when I played it at least a buggy unoptimized mess that people just dealt with because battle royale was this new fresh game mode that they wanted to play. Now that’s access spawned waves of games where people tried to release their spin on the battle royale genre to capture some of that interest.

Maybe a product with increased tweaking or they added the game mode to their already existing IP or their engine. Perhaps they add a unique twist on the format like maybe it all takes place in World War Two or something, and they’ve seen varying levels of success. I mean they’ve created one of the most popular games of all time, but more realistically, they quickly add to this growing pile of failed games as the genre. Staples have been mainly established but fine. I don’t particularly like a battle royale, but people do, but my initial reaction was to write it off. Never understood the appeal of Fortnite.

Battle Mage!

Spellbreak Battle Royale is just another one of those games. They are trying to cash in on that genre. That wouldn’t interest me at all. However, Spellbreak isn’t just recreating a battle royale with fantasy and magic if you want that format, first style of pub g with fantasy and magic instead of guns and grenades.

Spellbreak Battle Royale

First and foremost is creating that power fantasy. So many of us have of crazy over the top primary verse, major combat in a way that hasn’t been done before outside of something like a mmo rpg or like I mean even in depth. Mage combat hasn’t been given a real focus. I guess you could look to games like Wizard of Legend or Magica but there was something that doesn’t connect in the same way as this over the shoulder of fast and frantic action-oriented combat style does, and it’s not even just a good magic system, which it is. It’s a good battle made a system that holds quite a bit adapt than a high skill cap and much satisfaction when you use it. That’s what hooks you, not the genre and even when you watch clips of Spellbreak.

You weren’t thinking about battle royale is at all, or these games take on it, the size of the map or how many players are in each round or even the variation of the landscape. You’re thinking about the possibilities as you watch somebody create an ice slick with frost magic and sprint towards their enemy on it, or watching a major who seems to be attuned to wind.

Use a verticality and spend time in the air raining down, blow after blow. You see tons of different play styles and over the top spells and wonder how combats even going to work. How could this be balanced? How many schools of magic are there The genre isn’t what makes us interesting and in fact, the genre can almost be depressing as you sit down and you watch and hope that the game is being released in your genre of choice.

I think Proletariat is sitting on a golden goose here. It’s this idea that works well on its own. It reads well for some reason it hasn’t been done before. They’ve captured this striking graphical style. The visuals are gorgeous. Sure, it does have ways to go. It’s in development, but it feels absolutely incredible and more importantly unique to play the game. The experience of controlling this battle mage is something that you could slot into kind of whatever format or genre that you wanted, and that will prevent it from being boxed to a format forever. I think that Spellbreak Battle Royale ; we’ll find its success in the future in something that’s not battle royale.

Fly like the Wind

If it survives, it’s launched. Now, granted it is a PVP focused game, but there are titles like For Honour that show you just how much variation that you can get without that restriction in place. It just so happens that they’re using battle royale at least initially to present the experience. I even remember seeing something in the past, an interview or something that they chose to go with the battle royale route because it’s really cheap and relatively easy to implement as well as just being on trend. However, even in there, press one sheet about what this game is all about. They kind of gloss over it being a battle royale and instead almost stress It’s RPG elements more because I think they even know that’s not what’s important and they try to downplay it, and that’s kind of why I’m so excited about this.

The focus is on you being a mighty battle mage, and it just oozes potential. Moreover, the part that gets me going, and maybe it’s only because I’ve seen so many games at this point over the years, so few of them are appealing separately and almost in spite of the genre that they’ve chosen. Moreover, that doesn’t inherently mean that this game is going to be any better or worse, but that gives them a kind of freedom that developers usually don’t have and it’s.

Also, that’s massive. I mean the only thing that even compares to something like this is a well-established brand or IP deciding to adapt that to something else in the future. Also, so I’m interested to see what they do with this. I want to see how it develops in the short term, but especially in the long term now a sad state that we’re kind of in competitive, focused games are they’re at the whims of popularity and the right people playing them and the momentum of releases and updates structures.

Will the emotes and classes and power ups grab attention. Will there be Vbux type coins? What will you upgrade? Play Spellbreak Battle Royale and find out dude!

So I’m not saying that Spellbreak Battle Royale is the next big game, but I am saying that they have something special here that is on trend but not shackled to the pattern. Also, so it’ll be fun to watch. If nothing else, do yourself a favour, check out their discord, sign up for the alpha on their website and stay tuned to this channel because I’ll be covering this game as I just. I want to know what happens with it, so that’s going to do it for me. Until next time. This is fever purse.

CEO Seth Spivak has answered a ton of questions online in Twitter Q & As

Here are some Questions and Answers

This is a great one. I’m excited about the competitive opportunity with Spellbreak Battle Royale, and I think that it’s something that, that we’ve been trying to do as much as we can to support. I would say though that as developers we can only go so far. You can’t, and we can’t force the game to become an easy sport. That’s something that is up to the players and the community.

Spellbreak Portal Map

Well, we can do build a foundation with the mechanics and the systems we put into the game that can hopefully be, you know, you guys can take and run away with. Moreover, make something cool, and that’s what we’re hoping to do. What we’re hoping to support and that is more about building build, putting the building blocks in place to allow for that and then continuing to work with them, with the community, with the teams, with the players to see how we can build this together. Also, that’s something that I’m very excited to do as we as we continue through development. The second part of the question about how Spellbreak differentiates itself from other battle royale is primarily in the competitive side, and I think that this is. This is great. I love answering this question because I believe two significant mechanics spelt back really has that add to have the opportunity for super high skill cap and also really great, really fun and exciting competitive play.

The first one is the magical interaction system that’s all about combining your spells to do exciting and fresh things and that there are tons of combinations and that leads to a level of tactics in the combat that you. That I’ve just not seen in many other games and that’s exciting. Moreover, from the highlights I’ve seen from, uh, from other, from other players currently in the pre Alpha, I can say for sure that they’re doing some awesome stuff. Also, that’s all about deciding what you have, what’s your enemy has, what’s going on around you and not just making it merely about who can get the faster skill shop, but really thinking through and making smart tactical decisions about how you’re using your, your spells and your abilities and when you’re using them. Um, and that’s, that’s exciting to me, and I think there’s a lot further we can go with that.

Moreover, that’s, that I think is something that is a significant opportunity. The second one is about team play and with team play specifically, I believe that the class system, um, is fascinating. The class system itself allows for a lot of unique, uh, builds and, and finding a unique role on a team that I think will open up a vast opportunity for play styles and strategies. The units can go ahead and see, depending on the choices they want to make for skills and classes and items they can. There’s a ton of different opportunities to move to, to walk around and make choices on how you want to approach each different match. I think that’s going to lead to some exciting play and just that will be fun for players and exciting too because you’ll see a vast variety of different opportunities for how people will choose to win.

So I think that’s the most significant part for me that I’m most excited to see just how those two systems are examining the different magical interactions, especially in, well, you know, when teams are, are doubling down. Moreover, combined with each other’s spells and seeing how teams do their build-outs and how they decide to pull out their roles. I think that’s going to be the inspiring stuff to watch. So I’m excited to see where the community goes and takes this, and I can’t wait to watch as you guys continue to grow and, and make and kicked my butt on production. So, uh, I’m, I’m excited to see as, as players get more and more highly skilled and we opened up a lot more opportunities to continue to push that. So thanks for the great question and I’ll see you guys next time.

Play Spellbreak now. Before you go have a look at Battle Princess Madelyn Review. Its from the same genre i.e Magic but from a different age i.e. antithesis of Battle Royale.

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