DC Universe Titans Finale End Credit Scenes

Have you seen DC Titans yet? It is on DC Universe in the States and Netflix in the UK. It concluded its first season with a heck of an ending. The program treated us to a fantastic ending and also end credit scenes that introduce a few prominent DC characters into the universe.

DC Titans vs Teen Titans

This is a dark version of the “Teen Titans” franchise. The show follows youthful heroes from the DC Universe as they come of age and learn who they are. Dick Grayson aka the first Robin and Rachel Roth, a special girl possessed by a strange darkness [Its Raven!], get involved in a conspiracy that could bring Hell on Earth. Hot-headed Starfire and lovable but blood-lust Beast Boy join them along the way as together they become a surrogate family and team of heroes fighting evil.

Spoiler Warning!

Big spoilers ahead if you have not seen DC Titans yet.

DC Titans whole team
DC Titans Click Image to enlarge

The finale of Titans shows Dick Grayson, as he attempts to track down and stop a Batman that has gone completely bat-shit crazy and nuts. Batman has begun killing his rogue’s gallery. This is because the Joker has murdered Commissioner Jim Gordon, and now the original Robin is the only one who can stop the Dark Knight’s killing spree.

Robin aka Dick Grayson is recruited by Jason Todd [Robin Two] and heads off into Gotham, which has turned into a hell hole. By the end of this episode we, in fact, learn that this had all been a hallucination orchestrated by Trigon. Throughout the dream, Trigon presents Dick with several opportunities to return to his happy and blissful life or to delve further into Gotham’s underworld, which is of course what he does.

Batman goes Nuts!

As Batman goes entirely off the deep end, murdering his rogue’s gallery destroying all good that was left within him. Dick kills him to stop him from going any further. Throughout DC Titans, Robin had always battled with his good and bad side, and his embracing of the Dark Side is skilfully manipulated by Trigon. In an attempt to send the character entirely off the deep end, much in the same way that Batman went in the final scene, Trigon explains that this has been his end goal the entire time and with Dick now fully aware of what he is capable of should he lose self-control.

Titans End Credit Scenes

DC Titans leaves us hanging using a cliffhanger [of course!] that Robin may have lived long enough to see himself become the villain. THEN, we are treated to a post credit scene [much like the MCU] that introduces Metropolis into the show. We then see a lab with people in white coats wholly torn to shreds and we see a nude male. As the man walks, we see a Superman logo that is tattooed on the shoulder. This MUST be Superboy! The reveals don’t stop there and Superboy than tears the hinges off a cage. Behind the cage is none other than Krypto! DC universe fans will recognise the dog, and it’s clear that going forward he will be a companion of Superboy. Where they take the character next is unknown as in the comics, he didn’t kill or do anything to harm people and was one of the good guys.

This scene from DC Titans seems to be taking a firm stance that Superboy may be a villain? They wouldn’t do that, would they? Having the Superman symbol associated with murder would be quite risky for DC surely? We’ll see what happens next in Season Two, but it’s definitely going to be a tough adversary for someone, especially with Krypto in hand. It was a massive reveal, we couldn’t believe it, and we can’t wait to see what the show has in future for fans.

So did you like the show? Have you seen the finale? Will you watch season two? How about Doom Patrol? Have you seen the DC Universe Doom Patrol Trailer? Will you subscribe to DC Universe?

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