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Bumblebee Movie Sequel

The Bumblebee director confirmed ideas for a Bumblebee Movie Sequel as the Transformers prequel was released. Bumblebee did well at cinemas worldwide and the reviews were as strong as they are. Will there be a follow up to the Transformers Prequel? It had a 94 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

It did come up against Mary Poppins returns and Aquaman’s debut during its US opening weekend, but studio bosses are confident it has left a mark in the days and weeks gone. Director Travis Knight revealed in a recent interview that nothing is officially greenlit, there are ideas for a Bumblebee Movie Sequel. There is a hole in the time between the end of Bumblebee and the start of Michael Bay’s, first Transformers movie so when he was asked if there’s more that could be explored in the timeframe and a Bumblebee Movie Sequel.

Bumblebee Movie Sequel

He told Cinema Blend. I think it certainly could be. I mean, when I get to the end of one of my movies, I always imagine what’s next for my characters and so in the back of my mind I’ve got all these pland and various scenarios and adventures that could play out both with Charlie and with Bumblebee and other characters.

Does the world want more Bumblebee Movie Sequel? Especially if we see more G1 Transformers? Lets see if we take it further?. Hailee Steinfeld has said she too is interesting in coming back to play Charlie again in Bumblebee Movie Sequel. She told, hey you guys, I think that Charlie Watson is one person when we meet her in the beginning and another version of her at the end and I think she has a long way to go and much more she wants to say, so I would love to see where we take this. She also provided the lead single from the songs soundtrack Back to Life. The Oscar nominee is joined in the films cashed by John Cena, John Ortiz, Rachel pro, and the voices of Angela Bassett and Justin through and through.

See what the Express thinks about another Transformers movie.

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