Make your Own Video Games with Exclusive – PS4 Dreams Game

Make your Own Video Games with Exclusive – PS4 Dreams Game

PS4 Dreams Game – Make your Own Video Games Exclusive to Playstation

PS4 Dreams video game
PS4 Dreams video game

PS4 Dreams is a new sandbox video game developed by Media Molecule and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4, scheduled for release in 2019, with the public beta released in 2018. The  PS4 Dreams game puts focuses on ‘play, create and share’, and allows players to create user-generated content.

In PS4 Dreams, players control an “imp”, which is used to interact with the game’s world (like a mouse cursor), create new items and characters, and manipulate objects by grabbing and pulling them. Players move the imp by using the DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move controllers. The imp is customizable, and players can change the emotion of the imp by drawing on the controller’s touchpad. The imp has the ability to possess characters featured in a dream, allowing players to take direct control of these characters.

PS4 Dreams video game

PS4 Dreams levels are separated by different segments known as “dreams”, and these dreams are connected by different gateways such as doors. Players encounter different puzzles in the game, which must be solved by using the abilities of the imp and the possessed characters, as well as the objects players retrieved in a dream. Items collected by players can be used to alter and modify the state of the game’s world.

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Players can create their own levels in the game by using custom and pre-built objects. Players can then share their completed dreams online. Cooperative multiplayer is also featured in the game, allowing players to create and manipulate their custom dreams together. PS4 Dreams due April 2019.

Dreams is being developed by Media Molecule, who had previously developed LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway. Similar to LittleBigPlanet, the game’s main focuses are “play, create, share”. They aimed to merge the three aspects into one experience without separating them. The game will rely heavily on the community, as technical director Alex Evans said that the game will be “defined” by players instead of the developer. In order to help new players get into the game, a story campaign is featured to help players adapt to the gameplay mechanics. Siobhan Reddy, the game’s director, added that the campaign is used to kickstart a community, and creation is the primary goal of the game.source wiki

Developer(s) Media Molecule
Publisher(s) Sony Interactive Entertainment
Director(s) Mark Healey
Siobhan Reddy
Designer(s) John Beech
Programmer(s) Alex Evans


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