5 Simple and Relaxing Browser Based Games – Video Game News

5 Simple and Relaxing Browser Based Games – Video Game News

Browser Based Games Video Game News –  If you are under pressure at the moment, perhaps it is time to take your mind off problems and try to relax for a couple of minutes. There isn’t a better way to forget about things that are bothering you than to play simple and relaxing games everybody loves.

The thing with games is that they often need to be downloaded to your PC or mobile device in order for you to play them. However, our browsers have become powerful tools, enabling us to play browser-based games instantly. All you have to do in order to access these games is navigate to their respective pages and wait for them to load.

Let’s take a look at the five most popular online browser based games that can make you feel relaxed.

Infinite Mario Bros

Do you remember Super Mario and his brother Luigi? The two brave plumbers from Italy are on a mission to save the princess once again, except that the mission never really ends this time. This game includes the term infinite in the title because it is indeed infinite.

Relaxing Browser Based Games - Video Game News
Relaxing Browser Based Games – Video Game News

In other words, it uses a specific randomly generated world engine that creates new and unique levels over and over again. The fact that the guy who made Minecraft also made this game explains the never-ending gameplay, so if you are up for some vintage arcade adventure, step in to help the Mario brothers.

Casino Games

Casino games are numerous, and each title is unique in its own way. Therefore, we decided to include the entire genre as an option, instead of choosing just one game. Online casinos such as vegascasino.io have become really popular lately, and they offer a great way to forget about your problems for a moment and even earn hefty rewards along the way if you are lucky.

Relaxing Browser Based Games - Video Game News

Most casino games such as online slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and more, are easy to understand and play. Furthermore, sessions do not last very long, and you can quit whenever you want.

A Dark Room

If you are older than 30, you can probably recall the so-called text-based games. These were popular a long time ago, but the entire movement has been revived recently. Namely, a text-based game uses only text to tell a story, but players still get to interact with it by making choices. One of the most popular online browser-based and text-based games at the moment is called A Dark Room, and it tells a fascinating story in which players are set as protagonists.

It all beings with a dark room where you wake up after something mysterious has taken place. As you progress through the game, you get to do many things, including gathering resources, speaking with NPCs, and even starting a personal village.

Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is a game that has no enemies, quests, missions, or even characters. In fact, it is a very peculiar game aimed towards people who like to experiment. All you are provided with when you start the game are four basic elements — water, fire, earth, and air.

Your job is to combine them and create as many things as possible. For example, if you combine fire with water, you will get steam, and if you combine steam with air, you will get mist. There are hundreds of possible combinations, and it is up to you to come up with as many as possible.

Pandemic 2

If you are tired of playing the good guy all the time, Pandemic 2 has a surprise for you. Your task is to set the parameters for a lab-made virus and let is spread among humans. The final goal of this game is the extinction of all humankind. Naturally, this game’s theme is far from relaxing, but the gameplay itself is pretty great and very entertaining as well. Therefore, if you are tired of humanity, feel free to make a virus of your own and let it do its job.


We live in the era of computers; browser-based games may not be the best thing these machines have to offer but they are a great way to entertain ourselves. Furthermore, they can help us exclude ourselves from the reality that can be quite stressful from time to time. All we have to do is play an entertaining game for a while and the world will seem like a better place after that.


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