20 Times Goku Went Too Far In Dragon Ball

The Times Goku Took Things Just A Little Too Far In The Dragon Ball Anime

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It’s no secret that Goku isn’t the most heroic of protagonists. Sure, he’s saved the world multiple times and he’ll always step in when someone is doing something bad, but his main goal is getting stronger and having fun fighting powerful opponents. He wants a challenge and that often tends to get in the way of actually protecting people from time to time. In other words, Goku takes things a bit too far, be it because his love of fighting has gotten in the way of his moral compass or because he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Regardless of the reason, Goku has gone a bit too far all throughout Dragon Ball from the Frieza Saga to the Peaceful World Saga and everything in between. Some examples of Goku going to far in battle include when he went Super Saiyan for the first time and way back when he annihilated the Red Ribbon Army. As for when Goku has just taken things too far in general, there are a ton of examples, including when he promised the Old Kai he could kiss Bulma, when he used instant transmission to teleport Cell to King Kai’s planet, blowing it up, and when he punched Monaka to test his strength. Suffice to say, Goku has taken things too far a lot throughout the franchise, which is why we decided to list off the wildest examples! Check out the video to see some of the times Goku took things too far and don’t forget to subscribe to CBR for more Dragon Ball videos.


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