Introducing Binbag new animated film inspired by comic books sci-fi

Introducing Binbag a new animated film inspired by comic books and sci-fi

Binbag, New animated feature

BINBAG is a new animated feature film that follows four school kids; skateboarder Cep, conspiracy theorist
Dodge, physics genius Hed and the fashionable Tamiko. They are joined by Floyd the janitor at the tower
block where they all live and a mysterious alien known only as Monster. Dodge comes to suspect the world is
being invaded by aliens which prompts him to discover a strange device in the basement. When the unlikely
group activate the device, it scatters them across alternate dimensions. The group must find each other, find a
way home and maybe just save the world.

Diverse Characters

“Diverse characters who are also skaters and punks, Burtonesque visuals meets comic book stylising, a Sci-Fi
Action Adventure etc. BINBAG is clearly a CGI animation that is doing things a little differently. We’re
making a film that kids will love whilst also making an animated film we would want to see ourselves about
the things we are interested in and passionate about. We’re producing several films together now, but it was
the promo for BINBAG that Adam Fair and Karen Taylor showed me that made me think we must work
together these people are doing something special.” Said Co-Producer for Cubic7; Callum Dougherty.

Adam Fair

The characters are designed by animator Adam Fair who has previously worked on the entire Invizimals
videogame series where he was immersed in iconic, memorable character designs presented in interesting ways
through Augmented Reality. There is some of this at play within BINBAG as the movie will highlight shifting
perspectives, reflected/fragmented animations and strange changing worlds that are populated with distinct and
interesting looking characters.

“I’ve enjoyed working with Adam for some time on various projects. It’s rare to meet someone who can
provide such a well-defined visualisation of the world that we are trying to create. The characters are
experiencing relatable problems thrown into a world where disbelief is suspended to the point where anything
is possible. We hope this is the first of at least two or three BINBAG feature films.” said Karen Taylor,
Writer/Producer for Plenitude Productions.

BINBAG will go into production with a Belgian animation studio soon. You can view a promo trailer for
the film here.

To keep up to date on BINBAG, please visit Plenitude Productions  or follow us on Facebook:



Disturbing events seem to be a regular occurrence lately but none are more troubling to Dodge
than his suspicions that aliens have taken over the school. An already weird day takes a stranger turn when a
mysterious device falls into Dodge’s hands and he is propelled – along with his tower block friends and
classmates – into new realities which tap into their fears and desires.

Off planet, the gang see for themselves how the aliens have infiltrated their school and are using propaganda
techniques to mind control pupils into accepting the imminent alien invasion!
The gang fight back against the invaders but not everything goes to plan as they find themselves stuck in a
different world desperate to find their way back…

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