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Hip Hop Artist – Platinum B LOvE – I Don’t Know Em – Official Music Video

Hip Hop Artist – Platinum B LOvE – I Don’t Know Em – Official Music Video

Hip Hop Artist – Platinum B LOvE – I Don’t Know Em – Official Music Video

Charles Arthur Love Jr grew up as C.J. and was born in the month of October. This Hip Hop Artist is also an inspiring actor. Born in Galveston, Texas to Prentiss Spry and Charles Arthur Love Sr.  LOvE currently resides in Houston, Texas. But has lived in Galveston, Dickinson, Borger, Amarillo, and the Virgin Islands.

Early Life

Much to his mother’s surprise.  LOvE won the school’s talent show during his ninth-grade year for rapping. Which was unknown for having any Hip Hop Artist’s. His response was “I told you mom; I’m gifted!”

Overcoming much negativity from such a young age. Platinum B LOvE has always been advanced beyond his years. His ADHD has helped him to be great and channels that energy into his Music. A very unordinary, misunderstood and doubted individual by many.  He has faced numerous challenges in life , however continues to persevere. is his No 1 commitment.


Knowing the importance of education, LOvE, completed his NACE QC certification.  And has been employed with an array of refinery companies. While continuing his dream and experiencing success as a Hip Hop Artist with Steady Reckin Productionz. Platinum B Gumbie re-examined his career and fully pursued it to another level. Armed with natural talent, an innovative approach to the mic, and wildly dynamic songs which lead to the natural transitioning and rebranding, as Platinum B LOvE, incorporating his own Skulllife.

With his sight set firmly on elevating his career. His skillfulness, confidence, cuts and bars will help get him there. Platinum B LOvE is prepared to take over with a cutting-edge combination of music that exhibits respect for old school while also being a step ahead of others. Ready to bring a breath of fresh air, realness, connectivity and an unforgettable experience straight to the Hip Hop Community.

His mission in life is to be able to give back to those in need and support cancer research in memory of his mother who passed away from cancer. Inspiring others regardless of who they are, where they come from, and who their parents maybe. LOvE’s motto is as long as you believe you can, speak it into existence and it will come true !

 Art in Artistry

Dropping Singles:  I Don’t Know Em, IssA Problem, I Miss My Momma, Diamond in the Dirt, Stay with Me remix with Modell Clinton (African Artist)

H-town Fight Minnie’s video game


Contact me on Social Media 

Facebook   CHARLES PB LOvE https://m.facebook.com/PlatinumBLove?

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/pblove LOvE


Email          SKULLIFE100@GMAIL.COM

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