Matt Murdock Might Be Peter Parker's Lawyer In Spider-Man 3

Could Marvel Spider-man 3 Be the Way Matt Murdock Returns to the MCU?

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After an admittedly lackluster major motion picture debut, Daredevil managed to have a successful run for both critics and fans when the MCU introduced the Defenders as part of the shared universe on Netflix. What started off as a promising look at the darker and more conflicted street level heroes slowly soured thanks to internal and external studio politics until the whole raft of shows was unceremoniously cut from the Netflix queue. But would that be the end of Daredevil as we now know him? Let’s hope not and we have a new theory which explores his possible transition into the MCU!

With Matt Murdock making up a big part of the Marvel mythos and the character becoming popular with fans of the live action Marvel world, the question of Daredevil’s future has been the big question. When J Johah Jameson outs Peter Parker as Spider-man in the mid-credits scene in Spider-man Far From Home the window for Murdock and the MCU has opened up. When there’s a superhero case to be had, Matt Murdock is just the lawyer to turn to. With S.H.I.E.L.D. in the hands of the shape shifting Talos posing as Nick Fury and Doctor Strange heading to the Multiverse, these things might converge to create an opportunity for Matt Murdock to appear back on the big screen with his comic book pages pall Peter Parker. With the character off limits until 2021, the timing is just right for Matt Murdock to be part of the second third Spider-man movie. Let’s look at how that might happen and why.


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