Most Underrated Characters in the Naruto Universe

Most Underrated Characters in the Naruto Universe

 Naruto Universe – Not many anime shows can boast of the iconic status that was achieved by Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. The anime that started way back in 2002 is an adaptation of a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. But you must be already aware of all that and much more if you are reading this article! 

Most Underrated Characters in the Naruto Universe
Most Underrated Characters in the Naruto Universe

The Naruto Universe has a slew of overpowered characters capable of unimaginable feats. The War Arc introduces us to beastly shinobi that have monstrous power and most shinobi in the anime as well as the manga have been well represented. But there are some characters in the Naruto universe that we feel are underrated and should have received credit for what they were worth!

Here are some of the most underrated characters in the Naruto universe:


The kunoichi from Amegakure and a founding member of the original Akatsuki is the first person on this list for all the right reasons. Konan was a   force to reckon with, who barely got any attention for her abilities and was recruited by Tobi into the new Akatsuki only because of her affiliation with Nagato. Konan’s prowess as a ninja can be judged by her plethora of nature transformations that included   Wind, Water, Earth, and Yang Release. The anime even revealed her to be a sensory type. 

Konan was so powerful that she almost managed to kill Obito with her unique paper manipulation jutsu, and Obito had to resort to using the Izanagi in order to win the battle and ended up losing one eye in the battle. Konan had the ability to manipulate the whole surrounding through her paper jutsu, which was demonstrated in her fight against Obito as the whole sea and the sky was revealed to be millions of her jutsu’s extension. 



When Sasori lost to the dynamic duo of Sakura and Granny Chiyo, many fans were left aghast and decided that Sasori was one of the least powerful Akatsuki members. He was termed as an overhyped character who was not very capable and lost to an old lady and a teenage girl. 

This, however, is not true. Sakura and Chiyo had worked hard to come up with an antidote for Sasori’s poison inflicting jutsu which was the only way to win against the master pupettier. 

Sasori was strong enough to crush nations with his 100 puppets and had also successfully killed and converted the 3rd Kazekage into one of his puppets. Making a puppet of one of the strongest Kages to ever live speak volumes about this Shinobi’s prowess. To top it all off, Sasori had made himself almost immortal by converting his body into a puppet. 



Kimimaro was a gifted individual who was the sole survivor of his clan and was found by Orochimaru. Kimimaro possessed one of the most powerful Kekkai Genkai in the entire Narutoverse which was called Shikotsumyaku and allowed the user to manipulate their skeletal structure as a means of combat. His lack of screen time in the anime makes him less of a force to reckon with than he gets credited for. Kimimaro was the only person except the curse mark enhanced Sasuke to be able to easily control Jugo. He also fought with the most powerful teenage shinobis of the time during the Sasuke Recovery Mission and came out on top, only to succumb to his illness in the end. Not only is Kimimaro underrated for his abilities but gets way less credit than he deserves.

Most Underrated Characters in the Naruto Universe


Tsunade is surprisingly underrated despite being the fifth Hokage. Lack of interest in Tsunade’s abilities can be attributed to the fact that she was one of the legendary Sannins and was often touted to be less gifted than both Jiraya and Orochimaru. Her introduction as a character indulging in gambling and being afraid of blood also led to misplaced beliefs among Naruto fans despite her tantalizing display of physical prowess throughout the series. She was often found in casinos in the land of fire which had a lot of them! Talking about casinos, one can find the best indian casinos on internet these days.

Back to Lady Tsunade now! 

Many fans often forget that Tsunade was the most powerful Kunoichi and the best medical ninja in all of Naruto which is a great feat in itself. She was as strong, if not stronger than the 4th Raikage. Raikages are considered to be the most physically gifted of all Shinobi so this is another awesome feat that puts Tsunade among the most elite of shinobi. The only reason she is underrated to such a great extent is that she was a Hokage and automatically compared to other Hokages before her, all of whom were without a doubt, much more capable of the title in many ways.


Might Dai

We all know the hardworking Rock Lee and the Leaf village’s green beast Might Guy, both of whom are extremely capable fighters in Naruto. Might Guy even earned the distinction of the strongest shinobi during the War Arc when he opened the 8th gate of death to almost kill the near God. 

But Might Guy would not have achieved such insurmountable heights if it was not for his dad, Might Dai- the original overzealous fountain of Youth. Might Dai was teased as the eternal genin as he failed in the simplest of missions. But when the time was ripe, he showed what he was truly made of. Might Dai had perfected the use of all Eight Inner Gates even though it took him 20 years. Might Dai’s highlight was crushing the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and even killing 4 of them, which eventually led to his death. This however, was not enough elevate him to become a pillar of hope and unrivalled dedication as not much is mentioned about him when people talk about the greatest Shinobi of the hidden leaf. This makes him a truly underrated character.



Shino of the Aburame clan was mostly put off as a quiet and creepy guy who handled insects. Even though Shino’s abilities stole the spotlight on quite a few instances, he never really got the respect and recognition he deserved. Shino had been an exceptional Shinobi since childhood, when he was spotted by Danzo who showed great interest in him. Shino was also arguably the most proficient user of his clan’s jutsu. His ability as a shinobi often went unnoticed in later stages due to his quiet and distant nature. This led to him being underrated by other Shinobi in the Narutoverse as well as Naruto fans.



Granny Chiyo was a remarkable old lady and had achieved far greater feats than she is given credit for. This makes her one of the most underrated characters on this list. She a master puppeteer who taught the art of Puppet jutsu to her grandchild Sasori, who eventually become the most skilled puppeteer in all of Naruto and a force to reckon with. 

Chiyo was an extremely powerful kunoichi who was instrumental in the Second Shinobi War. She was also an expert at dealing with poisons and had mastery over medical ninjutsu. She was the reason behind Sasori’s defeat as her antidote provided her and Sakura with protection against Sasori’s poison. Chiyo was also the owner of the 10 strongest puppets to ever exist. Besides these magnificent achievements, she also had a unique jutsu that enabled her to bring back any person back to life in exchange for her own, which she used to revive Gaara and sacrifice herself.



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