Excalibur Auctions this weekend in North London: Original Artwork, Star Wars Movie Posters, Comic Books

Excalibur Auctions, they’re an auction house that specialises in movie and music memorabilia, comic books, autographs and model toys.

Excalibur Auctions are fast-becoming one of the most popular auction houses for buying and selling Star Wars memorabilia and comic books. Earlier this year they sold a copy of Amazing Fantasy number 15 for £14,500. It was bought for 6d back in 1962!

On Saturday 7th September, Excalibur Auctions have a fantastic selection of comic book and movie memorabilia going under the gavel.
After the successful sale of Amazing Fantasy number 15 back in January, they’re very excited to have a collection of Silver Surfer comics that were never even read. The guy who owns them bought two copies, one to read and the other to keep pristine with the view to sell them in years to come. That time is now! In fact, the collection that he’s selling were only opened for the first time to be photographed for the auction!
As an auction house, Excalibur Auctions is fast becoming the go-to place for Star Wars super fans to buy and sell memorabilia. In this particular auction they have an eclectic mix of posters from all the first three films ,from the very first posters that were produced, to the ones that then used photographs of the actors as their character.  They also have two versions of Star Wars A New Hope UK poster quad, one pre-awards and one post-awards.
Also going under the gavel will be highly sought-after Star Wars autographs from Dave Prowse who played Darth Vadar and Kenny Baker who operated the droid R2D2.
The entire collection of Star Wars pieces are expected to make £12,000.

As mentioned above, they actually have an auction this weekend with some fab comic books, original art work from comic books and an awesome collection of Star Wars movie posters and UK movie quads. Below are some images of cool items under the hammer this weekend in North London Comics Auction and online. Visit their site to view the catalogue. If anyone wants to see the auction brochure and bid on any items visit the online link above.

Click on the images below to view in higher resolution so you can see how good the condition of the items are. Please note above video is from an auction from last year.

Empire Strikes Back Movie Quad

Empire Strikes Back Poster

Star Wars Movie QuadDarth Vader Poster

Daredevil 1 Excalibur Auctions
Daredevil 1 Excalibur Auctions


Return of the Jedi Excalibur Auctions
Return of the Jedi movie quad


Star Wars Movie Original poster
Star Wars original movie poster


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