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Top 5 Casino Movies with Epic Heroes

There are lots of movies that use the casino as part of the backdrop. Casinos have a great look and feel that translates well on film and draws in the audience, but of course, the scenery is only part of the story. The characters have to be relatable and make the audience want to root for them, good guys or bad guys. here are the top five casino movies with epic heroes from roulettepro.com. Of course this is our view IMDB and YouTube both have different opinions.


  1. Casino Royale 

The name is Bond, James Bond, and there was never any doubt that the suave British secret agent would come out on top. In his first mission since being awarded his licence to kill, 007 and his two associates must take on a high stakes poker game to win the money. Playing the bad guy, the stereotypical megalomaniac who wants to take over the world, our daring trio, which of course features the pretty girl to turn Bond’s head, come out on top. Of course, this is only after chasing, gunfights, drama and the will they-won’t they factor. 


  1. 21

It is nerd and good boy Ben Campbell that steals the audience’s hearts in this casino based movie based on a true story. In the ’90s a group of MIT maths students, led by their ex-gambler professor managed to take millions from the casinos of Las Vegas using card counting. A legal practice but banned by casinos if they catch on, the group of youngsters are dazzled by the bright lights. Initially, Ben is only looking to win enough money to get him to Harvard Medical, but as it happens, things don’t quite go to plan when greed takes over.


  1. Ocean’s Eleven

Bad boys are always in demand, and loveable rogues often capture the hearts of the audience. In Ocean’s Eleven the cheeky demeanour of Danny Ocean, played by heartthrob George Clooney, is certainly a bad boy but the hero we all find ourselves rooting for. Leading a team of former prisoners and professional con-artists the plan is to pull off the biggest heist ever seen in the casinos by robbing the vaults of three large venues on the Las Vegas strip all at the same time. You cannot help but love the bad guys in this, and the subsequent films in the Ocean’s series.


  1. Casino

Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci star in this famous casino based movie. With mob boss employing our epic hero De Niro to manage the casino, the last thing he needs is Nicky Santoro (Pesci) and his wife Ginger (Stone) arriving to cause mayhem. Things are made worse when Ginger’s ex Lester Diamond, played by James Woods, arrives to pull his famous con-artists tricks. 


  1. The Cooler

When an ill-fated gambler with appalling luck falls in love, his fortunes change. However, this is not part of the plan his boss, mobster casino owner, had for him, and it does not go down well. A light-hearted romp where you will root for the downtrodden Bernie Lootz played by William H Macy to come out on top.

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