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Why should you worry about your ISP tracking your online activity? Best VPN Providers

Why should you worry about your ISP tracking your online activity? Best VPN Providers

Best VPN Providers – You browse the internet safely and securely in your own home, only you know what you get up to online, right? Wrong. In fact, your ISP knows everything you see, do and download online. Should you be worried about this, yes you should.

Best VPN Providers ISP tracking
Best VPN Providers – ISP tracking

Even if you are squeaky clean, and do not do anything online that you really need to keep under wraps, your ISP spying on you should concern you. It is an invasion of privacy.

Why you should be concerned?

In short, your Internet Service Provider sees everything you do online. They know the websites you visit including passwords and usernames, what videos you watch, who you send emails to, Bitcoin transactions, what you bought online and more.

This is a frightening thought and more so when the ISP is collecting your user name and personal information. In fact, information is stored on a server somewhere. This means it has the potential of being hacked and others getting their hands on it.

The Internet Service Provider uses the information stored to make a profile on you based on your search history and surfing habits. Yes, big brother is really watching you in the form of your ISP.

When you should be really concerned?

You should be even more concerned if you are using the internet for less than ethical means.

Perhaps you like to use torrent websites to download. If you download content that is free to use this is all well and good. However, if you download copyrighted content such as the latest movies, TV series or music, your activities are being monitored.

Your ISP will know the title of the illegal content downloaded, along with when you downloaded it and the IP address of the device you used. Do not be surprised if you get a warning letter from them and maybe even a fine and/or reduction or suspension of your internet service.

So yes, you should worry about your ISP tracking your online activity.

How a VPN can help you remain anonymous

Anyone worried about their ISP spying on them might want to consider a VPN aka Virtual Private Network.

A Virtual Private Network provider offers a plan for a monthly fee that allows you to secure your personal details before they go out onto the World Wide Web. Your personal details are secured using military-grade encryption, making it impossible to read.

There are numerous options for VPN providers such as the ones presented on The-bestvpn.com.

In short, you download a small app onto your computer or other device used to access the internet then connect to a server offered by the provider. In turn, your own IP address is masked and you take on one from the server. This helps to hide whatever you do online and brings back anonymity when browsing online.

An alternative is to use a VPN with your router. This way whatever device you use to connect to the internet is covered.

While the ISP can and does spy on your every move online, there is at least a way of gaining back privacy and anonymity with a VPN, something anyone who uses the internet should consider.


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