These Marvel Fans Are Next Level

Marvel Fans that Are Extra Intense And Went All In With Their MCU Cosplays, Creations and Tributes

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Fans have never been known to take fandom lightly. They enjoy the things they enjoy intensely. You might even say that they’re fanatics. This is especially true of comic book fans and even more so for Marvel fans. Marvel, since its inception, has encouraged interaction with its fans from its famous No Prize to Stan Lee’s infectious enthusiasm. Now with online programs like Marvel Becoming cosplayers and creators have interacted in new ways and those cosplayers have taken things to the next level. From X-Men and mutants like Wolverine and Deadpool to X-men foes like Mystique and the Sentinels, to MCU heroes like Captain Marvel and Iron Man there have been some amazing tributes. Some people, like Genivieve Marie, have managed to transition being a fan from hobby to a job becoming cosplay celebrities. Or, like Cosplay Against Bullying, they’ve turned fandom into a way to do some good in the world. But dressing up hasn’t been the only way that fans have shown their love for the House of Ideas. International artists have paid tribute to some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with lifesize statues, people have put their relationships and future children on hold, and some have even tried to race death in order to get to see the ending of the Infinity Saga in time. Not all expressions of fandom have been on the wholesome side, but every one of them has been fueled by enthusiasm for all things Marvel. Let’s take a look at some top level Marvel Fans.


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