Spider-Man Is Pretty Much Confirmed To Be In Venom 2

Venom 2 Likely to Introduce MCU-less Spider-man
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It seems like only yesterday that Spider-man swung into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and into our hearts. After two solo franchises at Sony, the wall-crawler had joined the other Marvel characters and the Avengers just in time to take on Thanos and bring the Infinity Saga to a close. In his time in the MCU he has been closely tied to Tony Stark and Iron Man, facing down foes that are in fact motivated primarily by their hatred for the billionaire industrialist. But now, thanks to the complicated nature of film rights and the large and sometimes unfathomable motivations of the massive studios that own them, Spider-man’s time in the MCU has come to a close. But the MCU’s loss might be the Sony Spider-verse’s gain. With Tom Holland’s Spider-man out of the MCU the stage might be set for him to join Tom Hardy in Venom 2. Venom is a villain who not only is tied to Spider-man, his origins are directly linked to Peter Parker and the special relationship that they have. In the Venom solo movie from 2018, an alternate origin for Venom was created due to Spider-man’s dalliances with Tony Stark and the Avengers. Spider-man might now be able to return to his signature villain just in time to team up against another symbiote known for a deep hatred of Spider-man, Cletus Kasady and his symbiote Carnage. Carnage is a threat that in the comics has always been too big for Spider-man alone and has on more than one occasion had to enlist the help of Venom. Could the split between Disney and Marvel mean that Spider-man and Venom could team up to take down Carnage? Let’s take a look.


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