Driving in Games : What Racing Games Feature the Best Driving Mechanics ?

Driving in Games : What Racing Games Feature the Best Driving Mechanics ?

Racing Games – When we say racing games, we often think of the same thing: cars racing against each other. It’s often the same kinds of races, the same kinds of cars, and even the same kinds of controls. However, put two racing games side by side and racing enthusiasts will have a thing or two to say about their mechanics. Turns out, some games do offer better driving mechanics than others – and sometimes, certain racing games appeal to audiences because of how they stick as close to – or as far away from – conventional driving as possible. What games are examples of these?



  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe adds a different dimension to competitive racing.   A lot of people will likely have tried a Mario Kart game in some form or fashion, and the recent Kart entry in the Switch practically revived the world’s love for intense kart racing action featuring our all-time favorite plumber. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is essentially the result of 25 years’ worth of cart games from Nintendo, and it’s both a throwback and a signal of what’s to come in Nintendo’s new flagship system. If you’re looking for a fun and dynamic to play with family and friends, Mario Kart offers that nostalgic controls with a huge level up in terms of competitive fun.
    • A lot of people easily consider Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as the best in the Mario Kart series, especially with its appeal to both newcomers and veterans alike. Aside from the easy-to-learn controls, a huge collection of old and new tracks and a ton of friendship-ruining items definitely adds depth to this game. Imagine being in the lead, only for someone to bring you to last place with an item. Yes, this happens very often.
    • The game offers a Grand Prix mode that gives players four (4) different difficulty levels, meaning there’s always something for gamers to try. If you want to play with friends, its multiplayer component offers traditional local races with friends, and it does offer an online multiplayer mode if you want to go up against people around the world.
    • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe players will find it attractive particularly because of its similarity to other arcade titles as well. Online games like Moto X3M 4 and Crazy Taxi can find themselves at home with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with quirky mechanics with a physics engine that tries to be as realistic as it could. The end result is a game that is extremely fun to play, for both old and young people alike.




  • Forza Motorsport 7 is a behemoth with its customization options. If you’re looking for a game that will let you feel as though you’re actually driving your car, Forza Motorsport 7 is definitely for you. And while we’re already on our way to a new generation of gaming consoles, this Forza title easily sets itself apart as one of the best racing games in Xbox One. Aside from its traditional controls, its roster of vehicles do offer different experiences for gamers.
    • Forza Motorsport 7 prides itself with its customizability, with over 700 vehicles to try out and customize to your liking. This is a huge deal for racing gamers who want a personal touch to the cars they’re using. This feature easily makes Forza Motorsport 7 one of the most extensive racing games of its time.
    • Not only that, but it has a slate of tracks scattered across 30 real-world locations, making it quite thrilling to race in different tracks inspired by places we can find here. Its dynamic weather system also affects the race by giving tracks particular advantages and disadvantages depending on your car’s settings, so this immediately adds a depth of realism and difficulty that makes races unique for you.



  • Gran Turismo 3 proves you can make an awesome game in an older system. Not a lot of people own a PlayStation 2 anymore, but those who did will likely remember Gran Turismo 3. A lot of racing games today definitely look and play better than this title, but it easily sets itself apart as perhaps the best racing simulation game of its time. This is especially considering it launched in 2001, the first year of the PlayStation 2. The game proved not only that the PlayStation 2 can support a good racing game, but that the PlayStation 2 is a very capable platform to support a game that players will definitely love.
    • Staying true to its inspiration, Gran Turismo 3 features a Simulation Mode that had players “progress” through the “ranks” in a typical racing team. This means you’ll have to go through races and improve your “license class” and unlock better cars. This kind of progression always gives players something to expect in the long run, and better cars do offer exciting levels of gameplay for players.
    • Gran Turismo 3 also offers a different level of depth with the vehicles it featured, as there are certain little “things” in the mechanics of cars that make them different from one another. Using the wrong vehicle with the wrong specs with the wrong track can spell victory or defeat for you. This is especially since it does rely heavily on how you maneuver the car with the controls offered to you. If you’re looking for a bit of a technical game, you’ll really enjoy Gran Turismo 3.



  • Need for Speed Rivals adds hot chases into the mix. It’s fun to race with friends and opponents on legit terms – after all, officially becoming a popular racer through games like Gran Turismo and NASCAR can be very fun. Need for Speed switches up a bit by involving the police into the mix, as a lot of its games is set in cities with real police officers. As someone making a name for themselves in the world of underground racing, you have to manage racing in urban areas… as well as avoiding police. That’s always been a trademark of Need for Speed games, and Rivals turns this up a notch with new mechanics that involve the police.
    • A lot of people will see Rivals as a combination of the police mechanic from both Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit. What’s interesting is that the game offers a narrative for either side – you either play a campaign as a speeding underground driver, or as the police. This makes Rivals one of the more narrative-driven racing games out there.
    • There’s also an RPG-ish element involved, as the stunt-driven “level up” system will have you perform stunts if you want your driver to have better skills. This makes the game much more interesting to play, as you’ll have to be careful with the mix of your car’s specs and your character’s own slate of stats.
    • Likewise, Rivals offers a seamless multiplayer component, as you can jump in and out of multiplayer without leaving your game instance. This makes playing the game a more interactive experience, and you don’t need to worry about “killing the mood” while waiting for players to join lobbies.



  • Driver: San Francisco takes you to the edge of narrative racing games. Not a lot of people find Driver: San Francisco to be a hardcore racing game, because it’s not the point of the game at all. What makes Driver: San Francisco one of the most interesting racing games out there is because it features a more narrative take on its story. And yet it’s still capable of offering quite the interesting gaming experience.
    • Driver: San Francisco is an action-adventure racing game that’s in an open world, with many events populating said world. This already gives you a ton of options available for your gameplay and for your enjoyment.
    • However, perhaps the most interesting out of all Driver: San Francisco’s features would be its Shift mechanic, as this allows you to switch from car to car whatever the situation. This isn’t a case of false advertising, either, as you can seamlessly switch from one car to the next during races.
    • As such, races in Driver: San Francisco don’t rely on just “winning a circuit” or “winning a sprint.” Rather, it requires you to think about races carefully and strategize your gameplay – which cars do you switch to, how do you avoid certain obstacles? This extends even to the final level!


Racing Games: It’s All in the Mechanics

Racing games aren’t always about “being first,” or “pulling awesome moves” on the road. A lot of racing games today offer a wide range of cars, mechanics, and sometimes even good stories for players. As seen above, racing games come in a variety of franchises, each with their unique set of features and mechanics. And perhaps what makes racing games extremely appealing for fans would be its “simple to get into, but hard to master” approach to its gameplay. After all, you have games with familiar sprint, circuit, and special formats. However, cars do have different stats, certain games offer weapons and skills, and some even have dynamic environments. All of these, when combined, offer very different and very unique experiences. You have the simple yet hilarious racing world inside Grand Theft Auto, and crazy weapons and antics with Mario Kart. Games like Need for Speed and Forza give you a preview of racing with real cars, while older NASCAR games get you behind the wheel of competitive professional racing.


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