Pokemon Go Releases Team Rocket Inspired Update

Pokemon Go Releases Team Rocket Inspired Update

Team Rocket Update – Back in 2016 when Pokemon Go was initially released, it was hyped as the most innovative game currently made with the use of virtual and augmented reality as the center of its programming. The game is currently residing in the mobile platform which is accompanied by augmented reality programming to provide a real-life experience for users to enjoy.

Pokemon Go Releases Team Rocket Inspired Update
Pokemon Go Releases Team Rocket Inspired Update

With countless games being released for the last decade, the memories of the old game have been diminishing slowly over the years. Fortunately, with the release of Pokemon Go, childhood memories of 90s kids are as clear as ever thanks to the developers of the game, Niantic Labs, and also to the godfather of Pokemon, Nintendo.

The Game Is Free To Play

Unlike other games that require its users to register or subscribe with a credit card, Pokemon Go is free for everyone to enjoy whether if you’re a kid or an adult. However, everything is free up until you run low on items needed, like Pokeballs, to capture Pokemon you’ve encountered. Well, it all depends if you can’t wait for the items to regenerate over time. If you want to progress faster in the game, you can buy real handmade accounts from genuine sites such as Pokemongoaccshop.

Pokemon Go still has millions of monthly users as of 2019 with numerous high-level veterans still playing because of quarterly updates to maintain its relevance. However, some new users already acquired unique Pokemons because of Pokemon Go cheats such as hacking your location to bring your trainer to populated areas while staying in rural areas.

The Latest Update

Pokemon Go Releases Team Rocket Inspired Update
Pokemon Go Releases Team Rocket Inspired Update

For the past weeks, the game has been releasing teasers for a significant update which involves something from the original Pokemon series, the Team Rocket. It is announced as the world of Pokemon Go is in danger that Team Rocket leaders have decided to take their next move, and players can encounter these leaders worldwide and battle them directly.

However, Team Rocket’s latest technology has developed a way to hide the locations of their hideouts. Pokemon Go trainers are encouraged to explore and try to find their hideouts and battle the Team Rocket leaders for mysterious rewards, and also to administer special research to overthrow Team Rocket and its leader, Giovanni.

Special Research: Looming the Shadows

One of the latest updates in Pokemon Go is the special research lab called the “Looming in the Shadows,” which is developed by Professor Willow. By giving aid to the professor, users can track down the Team Rocket leaders and also its villainous leader.

Searching For Mysterious Components

Pokemon Go allows the players to explore the world to find mysterious components to be used in the special research lab. The mysterious components can ba obtained when players encounter a member of the Team Rocket and beating as the item drops after players have defeated them in battle.

Rocket Radars

The Team Rocket update of Pokemon Go involves the Team Rocket leaders hiding their locations in PokeStops. Encountering the leaders gives you a chance to obtain mysterious components, and collecting six of them would allow you to create a “Rocket Radar” to be used as a scanner to search for the hideouts of Team Rocket around you.

Battling The Leaders of Team Rocket

As you’ve collected the mysterious pieces and developed a rocket radar, players can approach the newly discovered rocket hideouts while preparing the best Pokemon team you have to battle the Team Rocket leaders and save their shadow Pokemon. More importantly, the players who have acquired the rocket radar are the ones allowed to locate the hideouts.

However, players shouldn’t worry about not collecting the mysterious pieces to create a Rocket radar as the game allows collaboration between different players. For example, if the players created a party and there’s only one Rocket radar, everyone in the party can also see the hideout in the same place the Rocket radar owner perceives.

Finishing Special Researches To Fight Giovanni The Leader

By defeating the Team Rocket members and their leaders, the players will be able to research and receive the Super Rocket Radar and it would help the players find Giovanni. However, there may be some grunts that would pretend to be Giovanni, but if you keep at it, you would eventually beat the real one and gain the Legendary Shadow Pokemon.


Pokemon Go’s programming is centered on a digital innovation called Augmented Reality, which is similar to Google Maps that determines the geographical area to digitally put in Pokemon in reality. The rest is up to the users to explore and capture Pokemon for the users to train, evolve, and fight against Pokemon of other users.

With Pokemon Go’s latest team rocket release, users will surely get addicted as the update brings back memories of the time we used to grind late nights to beat the team rocket and the Elite 4. This game also has health benefits as it gives its users the much-needed exercise as it requires its users to roam around and explore for Pokemon to battle and capture.


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