7 Online Games that will keep your Girlfriend Entertained

7 Online Games that will keep your Girlfriend Entertained

7 Online Games that are for anyone. No matter the gender, age, interests, or experience, everybody can enjoy these 7 Online Games slots.

The beauty of slots is that there are so many kinds that span a wide range of designs and game plays. So even if you find yourself at a slot that you don’t like, you can just move on to the next one. 

7 Online Games that will keep your Girlfriend Entertained
7 Online Games that will keep your Girlfriend Entertained

But what gives slots its appeal?

Slots have been around for over a  century. The invention of the first slot machine is attributed to Charles Fey in the late 1800s. It was a simple three-reel slot machine with simple designs and an automatic cash payout. 

Since then, slots have evolved beyond imagination. Now they have flashy lights and exciting sounds, and they come in hundreds if not thousands of varieties. 

Now you can play five-reeled slots, Egyptian themed slots, and even online slots. With gambling’s legality increasing slowly around the world, more companies are improving and reinventing their machines.

For as low as a couple of cents or dollars, someone can go up to a slot machine and pay a small fee for a chance to win millions of dollars. Though the odds are rarely in your favor, people have become millionaires overnight, a dream of many avid slot players.

But even if you’re not a regular player, slots can be fun and exciting. Another part of its appeal is that it’s a simple game. 

With the excitement and stimulation of a casino, it can be difficult to focus well or even strategize, so who would want to bet money on winning a high-stakes, skill-based game that can be so easy to be distracted from? A lot of people. But not as many as those who want to play slots – and this why slots reign supreme among the casino games.

Although it’s rare to win millions of dollars, the game itself is generally considered low-risk, high-reward. But it’s also generally known that the more you risk, the more likely you are to win. 

And this is another part of slots’ popularity. Its low-risk makes it a great game for anyone to try out for the first time. Since it doesn’t require skill, it’s also a game that people can pick up really quickly.

As a player grows to love the game, they can then choose to risk more or less, and they’ll have more agency over how and what they play. And that’s the beauty of slots.

So do you have someone in your life that wants to try out slots? Maybe a girlfriend or something?

Well, if you do, then here are 7 Online Games Slots that are perfect for your girlfriend.

1.Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular slot games out there, beloved by slot players of all skill and experience. Some of the biggest wins have been on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine, and so your girlfriend should try it too. this is a perfect game for beginners and a lot of casinos offer it online. One of my favorite platforms for this is Slots Plus, which offers hundreds of slots games, including all mentioned in this article. 

2.Double Diamond

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and they might be right. But in any case, Double Diamond is one of the most fun slot machines to start out on. It’s a penny slot, so it only takes a couple of cents to have a chance at millions.

Though it’s called Double Diamond, like all slots, you should be wary about the house edge. While you could win millions of dollars, and people have in the past, casinos use math to make a profit off of your playing. So even if you do win big, the casinos are always making money. 


Cleopatra is a game based on the Egyptian queen herself, Cleopatra. Her piercing green eyes are a staple of casinos all around the world. Like the slots mentioned before it, Cleopatra fits in among the classic slots. 

Originally created by IGT, Cleopatra is popular in both Vegas and Macau. And it became so popular that IGT even developed an online version of it so that it can be played from home. 


One of the biggest slot wins in history was on a Megabucks machine. In 2003, a 25-year-old won almost $40 million from a $100 wager. It’s the dream that so many slot players want for themselves.

If your girlfriend wants a high winning chance, Megabucks is the way to go. People have been hitting jackpots on Megabucks slots for years. 

5.The Wizard of Oz

Like the popular movie, the Wizard of Oz slot machine appeals to many people who love the machine’s nostalgic feel. The popular five-reel slot even has special mini-games.

But watch out! The nostalgia could get you caught up in the game. 

According to Weekly Slots News, you should be taking breaks in between slots and play a variety. It’ll help you watch your spending and continue to have a good time. 

6.Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is based on the TV show that originated in the UK. While it became popularized in the United States, the game was actually first premiered in the UK. And before that, the format was borrowed from a similar game in the Netherlands. 

But now, Deal or No Deal has been memorialized in the format of a slot machine, bringing the excitement of the show to casinos all around the world. 

7.King Kong

Games being based around popular movies and pop-culture staples are the next big thing. It’s how slot machines are being re-invented to appeal to younger and more active players. 

While for a time, slots were most popular among retired folk, nowadays studies have found that gambling is becoming increasingly popular among people between 21 to 40 years old. 

King Kong, as well as the previous two slots, is one of these. Based on the popular movie and comic book, King Kong is a part of the new movement to bring in new slot themes that incorporate people’s fan favorites. 

So, if you’ve got a girlfriend in your life that’s looking to get into slots, these seven are a great place to start. While hitting a jackpot is ultimately unlikely, you can still win a lot from these slot machines.

Since many of these slots have a long history, they’ve seen all kinds of players, so even if you don’t have any experience you still have a shot of winning and having a good time. And the latter ones are newer, but they also have the pop-culture appeal that will make it a fun experience for anyone. 




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