Counter Strike Global Offensive Game in The Philippines

Counter Strike Global Offensive Game in The Philippines

Counter Strike Global Offensive – Twenty years after Valve corporation developed and published, the competitive multiplayer, first-person shooter video game Counter-Strike, comes its updated sequel Counter Strike Global offensive .

Hidden path entertainment, initially released global offensive and restricted to around ten thousand people only, subsequently developing and updating client and server stability, they opened up to more people. Later on, Valve invited professional Counter-strike players to play-test the game, and give comments so they can improve the maps, weapons and game modes that influenced its interface today.

The global offensive also established steam workshop support, allowing users to customize content like skins and game modes. These allowed users to exchange virtual goods and explore their interconnectivity, leading to the creation of online tournaments and gambling.

Valve managed to make global tournaments and betting to be highly competitive and very entertaining. With that said CSGO makes it a good betting option for gamers in the Philippines and even in other countries. Nowadays one of the best online sportsbooks for betting on CSGO is Betway. Betting sites for Philippine online gamers are already flooding the internet offering different types of CSGO bets. We listed some of the most trusted betting sites that we recommend.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Overview

 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) has improved graphics compared to its previous versions. This specific upgrade provides its millions of fans all over the world a visual feast as they play the game. The old maps and weapons now reveal a fresh look, which makes CS: GO more appealing to play.

‘Arms Race,’ one of its new gameplay modes, allows a player to return after being killed in the game. With this new, faster-paced gameplay mode, players don’t have to wait for the next round.

But even with these changes, the game knows how it became popular in the first place. With this awareness, it has preserved its well-loved elements. The game models, traditional maps, and gun mechanics are all the familiar elements you can see in the game.

‘Global Offensive’s Popularity’ In the Philippines

The CS:GO started as an underdog game in the Philippines, but it soon blazed in the country’s gaming scene. Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit became a clear evidence of CG:GO’s growth to popularity. Why? Because ‘Global Offensive’ became part of the ESGS’ major titles. And It’s a clear sign that the game’s influence is expanding.

And from there, the game’s clout grew further and further. Today, the Philippines is now home to two big CS leagues that raises the country’s flag in the gaming arena. These are one of the country’s prime CS Leagues:

  1. Mineski Pro Gaming League (MPGL)


  1. WASD Taralac eSports League (TeSL) are the Philippines

These leagues highlight the significance of the CS:GO game in the country.

The Betting Side of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

 The players can earn money from the game, not just through tournaments, but by betting as well. Here in the Philippines, anyone can legally bet peso on CS:GO as long as they’re 18 and above.

Betting Sites for CG: ON

Various betting sites are providing platforms for both players and bettors. It is to help them with their varying betting needs and solutions. Some of the best sportsbooks for esports betting in the Philippines are Betway, Bet365, LeoVegas and Unibet.

Different Types of CG:GO Bets

  1. Draw

People make this bet if they’re hoping that the game would be a draw.

  1. Group of Winner

It’s a bet for the group who will become the final winner of the entire tournament.

  1. Region Winner

It’s a bet on a region where the soon-to-be winner lives. This bet can only work for tournaments that divide players by region.

  1. Total Rounds

It’s a bet on a specific number of rounds that the match will take.

  1. First Blood

It’s a bet on the team who will score the first kill on their match.

  1. Top Fragger

It’s a bet for the possible player who can reach the highest score at the end of the specified map or match.

  1. Correct Score

It’s a bet for the precise outcome of a match.

A few important details to keep in mind, it is essential to know the mechanics and be familiar with cryptocurrencies for a more favorable transaction, most of the legal betting sites do not accept Philippine peso. CS:GO esports are far more challenging than what most gamers think, knowing what type of bet you are betting plays a vital role in increasing your odds of winning.

Another thing to do when betting is to identify the favorite and the underdog players. Lastly, A proven tactic for a significant number of professional gamers is not to go all-in, but increase the bet as you make a profit from the previous ones. Remember to take things slowly and focus on growing your credit.

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