#154: Question Time on Crack!

Today on the Toy Power Podcast, we continue where we left off with MORE of your great questions. And the first one is an absolute time-travelling doozy. So much so, Frank may have alienated our entire US fan-base in one foul swoop… #controversy  We then take a call from a major business meeting and Ben is up to the board-room challenge.  Can a one winged-dragon still fly? Does Frank have any original thoughts, or is he just a Ben clone? Most of the questions ask us to choose which means – you guessed it – Darren struggles to pick a side! Our story of lost or broken toys might just break your heart – but it’s OK cause we get to combine two villains and Ben is all about that!  What famous toy-gods would we like to meet? We get so caught up in the madness and hilarity of these questions, we never even got to talk about the toys we brought in!

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