Could God of War Be the Next Big Netflix Show?

When it comes to action video games, it doesn’t get much bigger than the God of War franchise. Gamers love nothing more than to select Kratos and smash their way through ancient mythology. Even after eight games, the series continuously raises the bar rather than settle for complacency.

Expectedly, there’s been talk about a live-action adaption for a long time. At one stage, James Bond actor Daniel Craig was mooted for the part, while director Steven S. DeKnight stated he’d love to do an R-rated film with Dave Bautista as Kratos.

God Of War

Well, how no one has contacted DeKnight or Bautista about this project is unfathomable. As the creator of Spartacus, DeKnight is the perfect person to bring God of War to life in a live-action adaptation. Essentially, he created the template for gory mythological productions that so many other showrunners and film-makers use nowadays.

The thing is, God of War is much better suited for TV than a film. With such deep lore and intricate storytelling, a movie won’t be able to capture the essence of Kratos and all the mythology he encounters. There’s a lot of worldbuilding that would need to take place, and Hollywood has shown that it isn’t always patient with fantasy projects—unless it has the name Lord of the Rings in its title.

By focusing on serial storytelling and taking a page of The Witcher‘s playbook, God of War could become the next big TV show for Netflix. Undoubtedly, the success of Henry Cavill’s latest show bodes well for other video game adaptations, as streaming services realise that there’s a huge market for these types of productions.

God of War

But forget about the fact that God of War is one of the biggest gaming franchises on Earth for one second, and consider the potential for the story to connect with a wider audience. If Netflix has searched for its own version of Game of Thrones, this gaming franchise is closer to it than The Witcher ever was. It ties into Greek and Norse mythologies, with several twists and an abundance of blood and gore.

After the success of The Witcher, you can bet that Netflix is shopping around for other games to adapt. There’s an obvious one right under the streaming giant’s nose and it would do well to act fast before another company scoops it up. Because let’s face it: God of War is primed to become a live-action sensation.

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