Will We Ever Get a Movie of the ’80s Animated Series?

In the ’80s, you were either a fan of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe or ThunderCats. From the animated series to the action figures, every kid had the opportunity to live their best life in Eternia or Third Earth. It seemed like those worlds would exist forever and never go out of fashion…

Even though both shows didn’t last too long—making way for the next flavour of the ’80s—they experienced several reboots and endless toylines over the past three decades. Of course, the most recent is ThunderCats Roar, which hasn’t exactly wowed the audience or critics with its Teen Titans Go!-esque approach.


On the film front, Masters of the Universe is due another live-action movie soon, starring Noah Centineo as He-Man, though no one knows when or if it’ll be released. So, it should come as no surprise that ThunderCats fans are asking if there’s the possibility of a film for their franchise, too. And no, 2019’s Cats doesn’t count…

If you’ve followed ThunderCats, you’ll be aware that there was a plan to release a CGI animated feature in 2010. Jerry O’Flaherty was meant to direct the film; however, it was shelved before it could even generate any sort of excitement. Eventually, test footage and concept art leaked onto the internet, and let’s just say that this might’ve been a dodged bullet for everyone.

In the years since then, there have been numerous rumours popping up, saying there are plans for a live-action film. Yet, nothing ever materialises. It isn’t like there’s a lack of interest, though.

In 2017 actress Milla Jovich revealed she’d love to play Cheetara. “You know, I’ve always loved ThunderCats,” she said in an interview. “I don’t know, I heard they were making a movie and then they weren’t making a movie, but I’m probably getting way too old to play [Cheetara] anyway.”

He-Man and ThunderCats

What’s odd is how so many other ’80s franchises have been revisited for film and TV when a property like ThunderCats is begging to be adapted into a fantasy epic. Think about it: It’s the story of Lion-O, an anthropomorphic cat, leading his group known as the Thunderans against the evil Mumm-Ra and his gang of goons. Plus, Lion-O possesses an epic sword titled the “Sword of Omens”. Can you get more sci-fi than this?

To be honest, the chances of a ThunderCats film being greenlit are largely dependent on the new Masters of the Universe film and if it finds success. If the executives see there’s a demand for these ’80s prodigies again, rest assured that a movie will hit the cinema theatres quicker than you can say “ThunderCats, ho!”

Tell us, if you had to cast a ThunderCats film, which actors would you choose? Let us know in the comments section.

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