Star Wars Battlefront II Update Adds BB-8, New Gameplay Features to Come

In the ongoing struggle to redeem the once-disgraced Star Wars Battlefront II, EA DICE updated the game this week with a plethora of new features and content. The update, referred to as “the BB Update” adds two surprising playable characters and some new maps to one of the game’s most popular game mode. As of today, players can roll onto the battlefront as BB-8, as well as his dark side counterpart BB-9E, in “Sequel Era” game modes and maps.

The Battlefront II community has been awaiting the update for some time now with cautious optimism, as the two-year-old game has recently hit its stride… at least, compared to its all-around abysmal launch. The game has received several fixes and content updates since launch, most notably the addition of a co-op mode, dozens of new heroes, and the beloved multiplayer mode, Capital Supremacy. Capital Supremacy was only available for prequel trilogy content since its launch, but that has finally changed. The latest update adds the sequel trilogy maps and characters to Capital Supremacy, where players will battle over territories on the ground until the must retreat and battle close quarters inside capital ships.

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While the maps themselves aren’t new — Jakku, Takodana, and Ajan Kloss were already playable in other modes — Capital Supremacy has added sequel trilogy capital ships to the game, meaning that players can now battle in new ship interiors seen in the recent Star Wars trilogy. This really shakes up the gameplay, as it was previously rare to experience the sequel content without playing in large, open spaces. As a result, the Capital Supremacy menu also allows players to choose between a playlist of prequel or sequel maps. The real stars of the update are the new droids, of course, despite their inclusion not being a priority for fans.

Most Star Wars fans probably expected different characters to be added to the game. After all, small ball droids like BB-8 don’t exactly seem like combat powerhouses. They certainly aren’t designed for fighting, but they make for a nice addition to the roster. Both BB-8 and BB-9E are fast-moving targets that are difficult to hit, and their abilities are mainly designed to support their teams. While both BB-8 and BB-9E have some close-range attacks, they capture command posts twice as fast as other players, and they have skills that mark enemies and heal teammates. They’re definitely worth trying out, especially for players who aren’t too enthused with lightsaber characters and their often-janky controls.

Aside from new emotes for Finn and Kylo Ren, other minor changes come as tweaks for playable characters. More specifically– and devout players will be thrilled to hear this– the Emperor and Anakin Skywalker have both received some serious downgrades. Anakin and Palpatine have long been considered two of the most overpowered characters in the game, and as of today, several of their stats have been nerfed to feel more on-par with other characters. Additionally, Darth Vader can now block while using Force Choke, making him even more dangerous, and emulating the beloved hallway scene at the end of Rogue OneThere are dozens of other gameplay tweaks, which you can check out by reading through the game’s official patch notes on Battlefront II‘s website.

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Perhaps even more exciting is the confirmation of future content. The latest update renames “Capital Supremacy” to “Supremacy” in anticipation of content updates later this year. While there is no timeline to speak of, EA DICE has announced that original trilogy content will be implemented in both the Co-Op and Supremacy game modes. Since those maps will not feature capital ships but ground combat exclusively, they felt the change was warranted. In any case, this means that original trilogy maps and characters will be playable in entirely new settings sooner rather than later.

The studio specifically confirmed two maps for the next update: Death Star II will be available in Co-Op and Supremacy, as well as Scarif, from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The planet was one of the most popular maps in the previous Battlefront game, and as DICE mentions in their patch notes, it is one of the most requested additions to Battlefront II. While the announcement doesn’t mention other maps or new characters, this does suggest that there might be some more on the way. At this point, Rogue One is the only major Star Wars film not represented in Battlefront II, so hopefully the addition of Scarif comes with some Rogue One characters as well. DICE has said that more details will be revealed later this month, but for now, players have a bit more content to enjoy within Star Wars Battlefront II.

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