PS4 Emulation Is Taking Its First Baby Steps

As PS3 emulation continues to make strides, and with the PS5 on the horizon, it’s time for PS4 emulation to step into the limelight, as developers try and take the first steps on the road to running God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn on a PC.

We’re still a very long way from that happening, but progress is being made. Here, for example, is GPCS4, a project that has successfully managed to boot a commercial game. Sure, it’s only We Are Doomed, and it’s not actually playable, but like the headline says, emulation is a baby steps kinda deal, where progress is made in tiny increments like this.

The emulator’s creator, Inori, is moving onto Nier: Automata next, trying to boot something a little more successfully than…this:

You can follow the project at its Github page, where you can also check out Orbital, a different PS4 emulation project.


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