White Obama Trending on Twitter After SNL Skit

SNL came out the gates swinging during the cold open tonight and some Twitter users had to be confused by a hashtag from the sketch. Colin Jost played democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg and implored the audience to get #WhiteObama trending after his closing statement. All the cast of characters from this week’s Democratic Debate were there in the open. Jason Sudeikis was Joe Biden, Larry David was Bernie Sanders, Kate McKinnon was Elizabeth Warren. Bowen Yang was having a blast as Andrew Yang and Rachel Dratch absolutely oozing contempt as Amy Klobuchar. One of the funniest bits had to be Pete Davidson just happy to be there as Tom Steyer.

Sudeikis’s Biden impression was very creepy as he made light of a poor showing in Iowa this week. He began, “Losing Iowa was a real kick in the nuts but I’m not worried at all. Because I like to creep up from behind. My numbers are going to surprise you with a nice, sweet kiss on the neck.”

The really crowning moment that led to the trending was the hilarity of Jost saying that Buttigieg sounds like, “a bot that has studied human behavior by watching 100 hours of Obama speeches. So, let’s get White Obama trending and not ironically.” Of course, people flooded Twitter to make the easy joke, but that doesn’t mean that some of the results weren’t just as silly. People of course had a lot to say about the SNL sketch after the week the politician had.

Check out some of the funniest responses below:

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