9 Stephen King Adaptations Coming To TV In 2020 And Beyond

Stephen King is the master of horror whose stories – whether that’s novels, short stories or adaptations – have haunted generation after generation for decades. Somewhat lesser known – or at least typically gaining lesser attention – are the TV adaptations of his work.

There are of course the obvious ones like the original ’90s IT mini-series starring the magnificent Tim Curry (which wasn’t all that great), or more recently the less-than-stellar Under the Dome and The Mist. Some King TV adaptations even go unnoticed entirely such as Haven, the Syfy show that ran for five seasons which was loosely based on The Colorado Kid.

So you would be forgiven for thinking that Stephen King novels are not suited for television, given that his horror novel adaptations seemingly fail time after time or are only carried by one excellent performance to wade through all the cheese. However, all of that is about to change.

The last few years have seen a boom of popularity for Stephen King adaptations on the big screen with IT Chapter 1 and 2, and Doctor Sleep among others. But what about TV? Can 2020 break the curse? Here are the new and returning shows that could make it so…

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