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Thomas Young’s adorable, quirky platformer Dadish is available now for both iOS and Android devices. It follows the journey of a father radish – you can see where the name comes from – as he sets off to find his 40 radish offspring that ran off whilst he decided to have a little nap.

Each stage will see the titular Dadish having to navigate and avoid a plethora of hazards and fast food-themed enemies so that he can be reunited with one of his children. Here you’ll be treated to an amusing little exchange between a weary father and one his kids, who are never entirely grateful they’ve been seen and seem blissfully unaware of the potential danger they’re in.

It might be an off-kilter joke like complaining about how they can’t return a pair of shorts they can’t wear because they don’t have legs or even something that breaks the fourth wall. Just seeing what bizarre things these baby radishes will say is a nice reward for getting to the end of each stage.

The gameplay itself makes use of a very simple set of controls that effectively turn your phone or tablet screen into the three giant buttons. The right half of the screen is reserved for jumping and double jumping whilst the left-hand-side is split in two to handle movement left and right.

It has a lovely pixel art style that’s very colourful and cheerful. Dadish and his little army of children are also very cute, even if their attitudes are often the opposite. The music is also similarly chirpy, which can you hear a sample of in the trailer above.

Dadish is available now on the App Store and Google Play where it’s is a free-to-play game with a single in-app purchase that removes ads which costs $2.99.

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