The Elder Scrolls Online kicks off the Murkmire Celebration on February 20


Do you like lizards? Of course you do. Everyone likes lizards. The Elder Scrolls Online likes lizards so much that it’s celebrating the most lizard-focused of all its DLC packs starting on February 20th with the Murkmire Celebration, a chance for everyone to go take a walk on the lizard side of town. If you don’t own the expansion DLC yet, you can buy the collector’s edition on the Crown Store, and then you can delight in walking around in a lizard wonderland!

For those of you whose hearts are so hardened that you can’t be overjoyed just by lizards, of course, there are also event tickets, doubled gathering rewards in the region, new Murkmire Strongboxes to earn in the zone, and get double the rewards for daily quests in the region. But all that seems secondary to just getting to bask in the presence of lizards, right? It’s all the lizards you could want, at least until the event ends on March 3rd.

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