Levellers – The Game

The game by the levellers


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  1. when you have an exam but you and your friends get sidetracked by a dog that looks like your dead dog

  2. the power that be could stop burn tyers in the middle east and repurpose the for shoes stop this earth heating up . this is home

  3. Best album they ever did true story

  4. Thing about life is.. some people get it yet most have never heard it .. levellers..

  5. government rule with fear they rule by controlling the masses . they rule because they think there better , big bussiness controll my selling up stuff we do not really need

  6. Well I don't believe in heaven I don't believe in hell! -me 2019

  7. fave band and pls watch my vids , 2019
    2019 2019 /HAVE A GOOD DAY

  8. what an absolute gem of a band. another mans cause is s pure powerful song with fantastic lyrics, big up the levellers,

  9. life is not a game it your life

  10. great song one win we all lose i love win win

  11. I ate his sausage and tomato toastie …93

  12. That intro makes me question… Is this the Levellers or Metallica?

  13. When they play this live the place goes kin mental great memories of Brixton academy back in the day

  14. I keep coming back. I click on this, I get sent into a completely disproportionate rage about the shitty intro bells, and then I listen and forget. See you in 6 months.

  15. My friends knew Jeremy he was a squatter

  16. ✌🏼️✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

  17. does anyone know which Leveller's song has the line the guards change but the castle remains the same or something like that

  18. lol i played it at x2!

  19. Add me on Facebook for awesome pics of Manchester gig