#158: Lords of Power & Wisdom

Today on the Toy Power Podcast the boys jump into the *latest news. From Super7’s TMNT ULTIMATES wave 2 which has more guts than most toys, we find out that Shredder has been to a pretty good chiropractor since 1988 and got his back sorted. Also, when you are a company that’s all about paying homage to an original figure, that means replicating the good, and the erroneous! Seeing some glorious Thundercats statues brings out the best (and worst) in Trent, as we find out he’s still suffering from PTTRD (Post Traumatic Thundercats Roar Disorder). Find out when a BAF is not a BAF (and the most philosophical question of all… if you don’t have to build it, is it still a BAF?!?!) Mystic Legions goes all ALL STARS 3.0 (and sneaks in a but of Imp-on-a-stick goodness), we get some PowerCon teaser silhouettes which delight and excite (and no, it’s got nothing to do with Austin Powers and an umbrella!) and there’s even some leaked MOTU lists that have us both hyped and scared. An Australian POP exclusive that pays tribute to the amazing efforts of our brave Firefighters. Then its time for some wise words of wisdom from our good friend of the show Chris Wisdom, as he gives the right of reply that no-one asked for on G.I. Joe. Frank may have wished it away, but the internet wants it back… and BLOOD! And who is Chris’s boy? Find out all this and more on the latest thrilling installment of Toy Power Podcast: the Lords of Power and Wisdom!

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