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It’s been a while so let’s skim the eBay surface for some Marvel Legends and Star Wars customs!

This seller has quite a few custom heads and a lot catch my eye, but I need my Mandalorian shelf to grow, so here’s Burg.

Two of my weaknesses: Deadpool and starfields. I don’t know if this is canon but I feel like my shelf needs one.

Okay, we got Bishop (although I’d like one with a bald head too) and now we need Shard.

You’ve heard me say it a hundred times: I will take Clones in any color scheme, and camo is among those looks.

Well look at that. Nimrod. I have a couple of different looks fused in my head but this would do just fine.

I don’t know if I mentioned it but I need more Mandalorian stuff for my display. That includes bounties too.

I haven’t actually read House of X yet but I’ve heard good things, so ol’ Professor X with an updated look would be welcome.

See, if you didn’t know, I really liked the Mandalorian. An idea I really like is that you can go crazy with different Mandalorians, whichever way you wanna go, even if it’s just a different color scheme. And there is something about the Scariff Shoretrooper paint scheme that appeals to me.

That exact concept applies to the Reavers too. Sure, you have your main members, but there were times when random cybernetically enhanced thugs were in the background. This is a brilliant use of parts and I dig the dropped left arm. It’s jarring but cool, like there’s definitely something wrong there but it feels right.

And finally, just a beautiful Hercules.

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