Fortnite Fans Discover Chapter 2, Season 2 Locations In New Tease


Chapter 2 season 2 is almost here and Epic Games released its best, but still cryptic, look at the upcoming content in the first new season of Chapter 2.Last night, Epic Games posted a teaser for its upcoming second season of Fortnite Chapter 2. It will be dropping on February 20, 2020, based on the date in the picture. But there are several hints for the upcoming season hiding within the image.

The most immediate hidden clue is within the gold shards breaking off from the golden face model. In the reflection of the shards, you can see what appears to be images of a secret base or lab.

The second clue is a bit harder to get to, but with the help of a little photoshop, internet sleuths uncovered a hidden image behind the teaser. The background image looks like Fortnite’s Eye Land location, but with a mysterious new structure there.

All of these clues fall in line with Fortnite’s ARG which teased an evil organization called ALTER which is invading the island. The theme is reminiscent of spy fiction like James Bond, especially since the upcoming chapter may involve a villain obsessed with cats and gold.We’ll have a full reveal of season 2 this Thursday, but until then check out IGN’s Fortnite Chapter 2 wiki for full guides and tips.

Matt Kim is a reporter for IGN. You can reach him on Twitter.

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