Why Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit Is Better Than Ben Affleck’s

The Batsuit that Robert Pattinson will be wearing in The Batman is clearly a vast improvement over the one worn by Ben Affleck previously. Batman outfits in film have seen many different looks as the role has gone from actor to actor. One of the first questions following the announcement of Pattinson signing on to play the Dark Knight was what will his suit look like? Surely none predicted comparisons to Marvel’s Daredevil, but nonetheless this among other analyses have come pouring in. Most of the costume was revealed in a short teaser clip, and from what could be seen this version is much better than its predecessor from the DC Extended Universe in more ways than one.

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As a refresher, Ben Affleck took up the role of Batman in both Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, with a very minor part in Suicide Squad. Throughout his run in the DCEU, he had a couple of different suits, but his main one remained fairly consistent from film to film. His was not unlike the one worn by Bruce Wayne during the famous comic run The Dark Knight Returns. The suit was basic, with short ears, a large bat symbol on the chest, and a simple black and gray color scheme. The cowl did not have a large range of movement, making it difficult for Affleck to turn his head, and the material all over seemed very restrictive. The look was very much comic-based, but the impracticality made it difficult to appreciate.

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Meanwhile, Matt Reeves’ take on the costume has come with a more real-world approach. The cowl appears malleable enough for Pattinson to turn his head, although the length of his ears are still a point of discussion, while the body takes on a more armored look than that of Affleck. The chest symbol has been a source of debate, with it appearing as though it is made out of gun pieces. Many ponder if it is made of the pieces of the weapon Joe Chill used to infamously murder Bruce Wayne’s parents. All in all not only is the suit far more practical, but it fits the universe it is set in. This isn’t to say that there isn’t plenty of comic influence in the design of this suit, but it definitely appears more grounded in reality as the movie has been said to be.

The Batman Michael Giacchino Score Rock Cover

Not only does it appear more wearer-friendly but it is far more fitting for the world it inhabits. The DCEU suit was almost too cheesy for its own good, while this one for The Batman is a smarter design for a less fictional world. Although, the lighting and tight camera angles of the teaser have made it difficult to fully assess the suit as a whole. Nonetheless, compared to previous Batman costumes Pattinson does appear to have one of the better Batsuits in the bunch.

This is all subjective of course, as individuals want different things out of Batman when he is on the big screen. Some may prefer the Affleck suit while others do not. As it stands, from a technical perspective, this suit is a serious upgrade from the previous film incarnation while still managing to reference the comic book source material all the same, which is a big win already for The Batman.

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