Android SHOCK: 100 million users at risk by using this hugely popular app

Needless to say, that’s exactly the opposite of what a VPN is supposed to do. Based on the latest research, it seems over 100 million people could now be at risk of having their credit card details stolen, their private photos and videos leaked and every single minute of their private conversations recorded and sent to a server in a secret location.

In its report, VPNpro states: “A VPN is supposed to keep your online activities private and secure from all snooping eyes.

“In fact, a VPN is supposed to be so safe that, even if a hacker could intercept these communications, it would take them longer than the age of the universe to even begin to decrypt the data.

“But that’s not what SuperVPN has done here. What this VPN app has done is to leave its users, people seeking extra privacy and security, to actually have less privacy and security than if they’d used no VPN at all.”

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