Friends Quiz: Who Was It

Here we go again, back at it with another Friends Quiz!

It is no surprise really considering how great the show is, easily sitting pretty at the top of the tree as the absolute best sitcom of all time.

What keeps drawing audiences to the show is the humor and immediate likability of the Friends cast. Two characters in particular that we love are Joey Tribbiani and Phoebe Buffay.

Joey has that childish personality mixed with Italian heritage that combined makes for one charismatic dude who has probably broke the hearts of 90% of the woman in New York. Whilst Phoebe has such a unique, quirky personality that is hard to fathom exactly what she is thinking at any one time, but watching others cope with it is hilarious.

When combined, Phoebe and Joey have electric chemistry that runs deeper than any romantic relationship could.

But can you tell which of them it was who mugged Ross when he was just a 14 year-old nerd? Or which of them worked as a Christmas elf one festive season?

As ever, answers are at the end!

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