Video Review for Transformers Cyberverse Ultra Class Rack n’ Ruin

Thanks to Seibertronian Bacem, we have news that a video review has hit the internet for the highly anticipated Cyberverse Ultra Class Rack n’ Ruin!

Rack n’ Ruin is a very unique character to Transformers, and one whom took a long time to finally get his first toy. Rack n’ Ruin debuted as a set of conjoined Autobots who were members of the Wreckers back in the original Marvel Comics, though much like their leader Impactor, it took time for them to break away from the comic world and into other media.

Transformers Cyberverse introduced Rack n’ Ruin in Season 1 of the show, and he has been a regular background character for Season 2 and 3, even showing up as the Captain of one of the Arks in the Season 2 finale! And with Impactor finally getting some mainline toy love and Whirl getting some cartoon love (finally), it seems it is Rack n’ Ruins turn to join them in toy form.

The new toy is part of the Ultra Class assortment, and will be around $20 USD. He has the armor up gimmick that Clobber has, and much like her, he has some decent articulation and a pretty neat transformation.

Check out the video review below, courtesy of Rodimus Minor, and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Credit(s): Rodimus Minor on Youtube

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