Watch: Thanos (Finally) Wipes Out The Simpsons

1. Bart With Muscles

Bart With Muscles

Most of the characters on The Simpsons have the same undifferentiated yellow, rubbery body, but sure Bart could probably get swole if he worked at it. Special mention to the confused, slightly horny looking Sideshow Bob in the background.

2. CGI Simpsons

CGI Simpsons

Remember that one episode where Homer went into the computer-generated 3D world? This is the Azerbaijani bootleg of that.

3. Linkin Park Duel

The two major pairings the Internet loves for Bart Simpson are Sideshow Bob (what’s known as “Bort” in the fandom) and Fry from Futurama. Here’s a piece depicting the two suitors dueling to the strains of Linkin Park

4. Black Veins

Black Veins

I can’t do this one justice, so I’m just going to quote from its DeviantArt description: “The scars in Lisa’s heart becomes infected with a plague of trauma. It Eats away at her heart and begins to move through her veins, infecting them with the blackened agony that plagued her heart. Her veins become blackened as her body and soul begins to degrade from the inside out. The infected blood attacks her wings and rots away her freedom. As the sickness reaches her mind, it distorts all of her senses, including her sense of judgement. She is forever changed by the horrid experiences she has had over the 8 years of her life. And no amount of therapy can treat this plague that has taken over our dear Lisa Simpson. (I can be quite dark sometimes, why do you think I CALL MYSELF “THE BLOODY ARTIST”?)”

5. Black Simpsons

Black Simpsons

We’ve all seen the bootleg shirts that re-imagine Bart Simpson as an African-American, but this piece does the same for the whole family. Lisa’s hair is sort of freaking me out, is that racist of me to say?

6. Smithers Dog

Smithers Dog

There’s a woman on DeviantArt who draws hundreds of pieces of art featuring Waylon Smithers as a dog. It’s kind of hard to wrap your brain around.

7. Sexy Lisa

Sexy Lisa

The Internet has conflicting opinions about Lisa Simpson. Some people consider her a humorless scold who ruins episodes with petty moralizing, while others apparently think she’s a Bud Girl waiting to happen.

8. Bazinga


Bazinga indeed, my friends. What more can we even say?

9. In The Pit Of Duffsnake

In The Pit Of Duffsnake

Even the most minor characters on The Simpsons have plenty of pervy art cranked out for them. Case in point: here’s a shot of reprobate Snake sucking greedily on an unmasked Duffman’s armpit. As you do.

10. Moe Disguise

Moe Disguise

Apu and Manjula have eight kids. I’m really having a hard time figuring out what Moe’s endgame is here. Please don’t tell me in the comments.

11. Lisa Feet

Lisa Feet

Time to make a detour into the fetishy side of Springfield, where very specific perverts work out their issues with, say, a giant Lisa Simpson threatening to crush her father with her feet.

12. Sideshow Bob & Cecil Feet

Sideshow Bob & Mel Feet

Or how about this shot of Sideshow Bob’s brother Cecil giving his massive four-toed foot a luxurious tongue bath?

13. Marge Ticklish Feet

Why would you do this.

14. Milhouse Vore

Milhouse Vore

Vore – getting off on getting eaten – is also pretty big in the Simpsons fetish art world. Twins Sherri & Terri as well as, for some reason, Milhouse’s mom are big eaters.

15. Van Houten Fusion

Van Houten Fusion

And then there’s the brave soul with a pack of colored pencils and a dream – to discover what it would look like if both of Milhouse’s parents were fused into one organism.

16. Lunch Lady Doris Facesitting

Can you imagine coming to a point in your life where you sit down and say “OK, time to draw a multi-panel cartoon about the lunch lady sitting on Bart’s face so hard it flattens?” Dark days, my friends.

17. Bart The Murderer

Bart The Murderer

There’s always been an undercurrent of barely-repressed violence in the Simpson home, so it’s not surprising that many artists choose to depict the fatal end result of that climate.

18. Lisa The Glutton

Lisa The Glutton

Ever since the episode where an adult Bart washes himself with a rag on a stick, fan artists have been obsessed with the concept of grotesquely overweight Simpsons.

19. Lisa Loves Slenderman

It’s actually terrifyingly feasible that Lisa Simpson would fall in love with creepypasta antagonist Slenderman. There are only so many ideas for shows, after all.

20. Abartion


Yes, this masterwork is called “Abartion.” Some things defy description.

21. Pregnant Maggie

Pregnant Maggie

Alternate future timelines for the show are popular in the fan world, such as this one where Maggie appears to be a pregnant toddler who lost her arm in some sort of industrial accident.

22. Homer Feet

Homer Feet

Ah crap, we have a containment breach in the foot fetish area. Get your hazmat suits on, this one’s a dripper.

23. Saiyan Sponge Homer

Saiyan Sponge Homer

Why wouldn’t there be a Simpsons / Spongebob / Dragonball crossover? There’s literally no reason not to at this point.

24. Homer Subject To Marge’s Experiments 2

Homer Subject To Marge's Experiments 2

This one is called “Homer Subject To Marge’s Experiments 2.” I didn’t include “Homer Subject To Marge’s Experiments 1” because the artist drew his penis in it. Please keep any other questions to yourself.

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