Han Will Be The Villain In Fast And Furious 9

Han might be an imposter in Fast and Furious 9.
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“Fast and Furious 9” will only be hitting theatres on May 22, 2020 but the film’s trailer has already revealed a major twist: Han Seoul-Oh is back and looking better than ever! Actor Sung Kang will reprise his role as the fan-favorite street racer who seemingly lost his life at the end of “Tokyo Drift.” But Han being back isn’t the film’s only twist involving the resurrected character. It looks like Han will be returning to the series not as a friend, but as an enemy.

But how could good-guy Han ever turn on his own crew? Well, between Dominic Toretto giving Deckard Shaw a second chance and the cybernetic enhancement technology introduced in “Hobbs and Shaw”, the Han we see in “F9” might be a changed man. He might not even be Han at all!

We can’t put it past the “Fast and Furious” to give us what we want and then rip it away. We’re getting Han, but at what cost? Here’s why the Han appearing in “F9” will be the franchise’s newest major villain.


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