Marvel Unveils Mobile Game – Marvel: Future Revolution

Marvel, along with developer Netmarbel, have unveiled a brand new mobile game called Marvel: Future Revolution.

Marvel: Future Revolution

Marvel: Future Revolution is set to be an open-world multiplayer RPG and will be free-to-play.

Players will take on the role of popular Marvel heroes, including Captain America, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and, of course, your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

The game will combine multiple worlds and locations from across the Marvel universe, so expect at least a bit of time travelling and dimensional hopping. With multiple universes come multiple versions of familiar superheroes who will need to team up with the player in order to save the world.

As with every free-to-play game, there will be a variety of cosmetic options for players to choose from, and probably buy with real-world money. These cosmetic will allow players to create their own unique take on familiar superheroes. Marvel Vice President and Head of Creative Bill Rosemann mentioned that there would be an almost infinite amount of combinations and unique looks players will be able to create for each of the available heroes.

Hopefully, the game will not be dominated by pointless microtransactions and will be a fun and engaging experience for Marvel fans.

There isn’t much known about Marvel: Future Revolution beyond what is shown in the trailer. Although we don’t know when the game will be released, it would be a safe bet to expect the game to release close to the Marvel’s Avengers release date.

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