Lazy Blackjack – software which will help you to win in Blackjack

Lazy Blackjack – software which will help you to win in Blackjack

The free program Lazy Blackjack is intended for the proper organization and management of games in Blackjack both in “real” casinos and in online casinos (special emphasis was placed on the latter).

The program includes the basic Blackjack game strategy, large-scale High-Low card counters are built in, a deck tracking mechanism is implemented, tips are developed in a variety of casino gaming situations.

The free program Lazy Blackjack leads the game in Blackjack with a clear application of scientifically proven basic strategy. During the game, the program counts the cards and in various game situations gives appropriate hints.

The program is indispensable for games in Blackjack in online casinos.

We are confident that this program will be useful for both novice Blackjack players and people who are fluent in the basic strategy and versed in the Blackjack card counter system.

As shown by numerous tests in the casino, the program not only allows you to stay “at your own” while playing in Blackjack, but also brings real results in various casinos. However, before using the program, especially if you are a new blackjack player, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of the game described below.

Blackjack Game Rules

The rules of the game in Blackjack are simple – the player needs to collect cards, the sum of which must be closest to 21 (but no more).

If the sum of the points of the cards is greater than that of the dealer (but less than 22), the player won. If the sum of the points of the player’s and dealer’s cards are the same, the player’s bet (draw) is returned to him. Otherwise, the dealer casino) won.

Winning at Blackjack is paid 1: 1.

The standard round of the blackjack works like this:

  • Dealer deals card for himself and players;
  • Each participant of the game (dealer included) receives 2 cards.

Having evaluated cards, the player makes one of the following decisions:

  • Stay (do not receive cards in this round)
  • Hit (Receive one more card)
  • Split (split a pair of same cards to second box\bet)
  • Double (double the bet)
  • Insurance (helps to get half of your bet if dealer has blackjack card combination)
  • Surrender (pass the round)

Card Values:

  • Ace – 1 or 11 points (if counting an ace for 11 points and the number of points of cards is less than 21, the combination is called Soft);
  • King, Queen, Jack and 10 – 10 points (we will call them “pictures”);
  • 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 – same as face value.

  Any picture (K, Q, J, 10) and ace give a total of Blackjack. This combination wins in all cases (except when dealer also has a blackjack).


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