Netflix to Release New Series

Netflix to Release New Series. Netflix is set to release a new series to entertain you while you wait for those new real money slots games. The series is based on a novel written by Kristan Hannah. ‘Firefly Lane’, is the name of the new series which is about two best friends. The creator, Kristan Hannah, is also the author behind Winter Garden, The Nightingale and The Great Alone.

Firefly Lane was released in 2013 however, it is only coming to Netflix this year. The book which is a New York Times bestseller has won countless awards. 

Firefly Lane has two books meaning the other book could also be covered in another series.

The series has a 1970s theme that spans through four decades. The series focuses on two people namely Kate Mularkey and Tully Hart. It focuses on their relationship from the onset to date. 

Release Date

Netflix is yet to announce the exact release date, they have announced that the series will be premiered in 2020. 

The Studio Behind Firefly

The series was produced by Brightlight Pictures. The production studio is famous for various productions including the popular series, ‘The Good Doctor’ which airs on ABC. Maggie Friedman is the showrunner for the series which is still under-produced. In the meantime, you can click here to learn more about Netflix movie themed slots. 

Firefly Season 1: Who are The Stars 

Katherine Heigl is staring in the series as the present-day Tully while London Robertson will play Tully in the 1970s and Ali Skobye will play Tully in the 1980s. 

Sarah Chalke will play the present-day Kate Mularkey while Roan Curtis will be playing the younger version of Kate Mularkey.

Chelah Horsdal, Quinn Lord, Yeal Yurman, Jon Ecker and Brandon Jay will also be starring in the series.

Other cast members who will join the series also include Jenna Rosenow and Martin Donavan.

Firefly Filming Location

The series is being filmed at the Ironworks studio as well as Nelson and Homer in Vancouver.


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