Venom And Carnage's Rivalry Explained

Why Venom and Carnage Hate Each Other
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When you think of great comic book rivalries, one of the best has to be Venom and Carnage. These two Spider-Man villains have been at war for many years now and the relationship the two have created is totally awesome. They are very similar in a lot of ways, but also incredibly different which makes their rivalry that much better.

When you think of Venom and Carnage, it’s hard not to think of Eddie Brock and Cletus Kasady. These are the two most iconic characters to wear the Venom and Carnage symbiotes and we’ve had years of amazing comic book stories that really show off all the unique aspects of their rivalry. From Carnage’s first appearance which forced Spider-Man and Venom to team up, to the infamous Maximum Carnage storyline, to comic series like Venom vs. Carnage which saw the two symbiotes actually team up to fight another nasty symbiote, it’s clear these two have a unique relationship that you don’t want to stop reading about!

Today’s video is all about the Venom and Carnage rivalry. We’ll be going in depth on some of Carnage’s greatest comic stories, how Spider-Man effects this rivalry, and what we hope to see carry over to Venom 2 when Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock faces off against Woody Harrelson’s Cletus Kasady. So check out the video below and be sure to leave a comment after you’re done telling us who you think the better villain between the two is. And don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and give this video a big thumbs up!


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