The Tragically Hip – Bobcaygeon

The third single from the album “Phantom Power” from 1998. One of the greatest songs of all time and one of my favourite top ten Tragically Hip songs, it even won a Juno in the category “Single Of The Year” in 2000.


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  1. You think Canadian people will sing this in quarantine? Like the Italians are with their classics? lol.

  2. I would like to thank TPB for bringing me here!



  4. I don't live in Canada anymore. When I listen to this song I feel like am there.

  5. my family is first nation, and my mom LOVED this band. I grew up in calgary and my mom didnt miss a single show that came there for 15 years straight. a few years ago we moved to saskachewan and she started doing lots of ceremony things and decided to message Gord on facebook saying things she never wouldve been able to say personally, adressing him by his indian name " Wicapi Omani. " He read it a week before he died

  6. Molson Canadian slogan says “the best Canada has to offer”. BS. The Hip is the best Canada has to offer.

  7. Fuck you peter. Me and my ex driving through collingwood…

  8. First Gord now John. Sad day for Canada💔

  9. Can anyone else not hold back tears when listening to this song? It's just too good. RIP Gord 🙁

  10. My aunt has a trailer in Bobcaygeon somewhere

  11. Tom Petty, John Dunsworth and Gordie died within 21 days of each other. I have this belief that those three cats hooked up on the other side. That's a power Treo!!!

  12. I lived in fenelon falls for 44 years a 10 from [email protected] rip gord

  13. I sit here with tears in my eyes rememberin gord been gone 2 year now RIP Gord downy

  14. 2 years later…

    We miss you Gord <3

  15. Corey and Trevor forever…


  17. got here from MiBlazers link. great song, but of course the rest of you knew that

  18. Enjoying some of that Willie Nelson whilst I sipa glass of wine now..✌💜😊

  19. If it was released in 1998 why did it win a 2000 Juno?

  20. Can some one hand me a dam kleenex!! Those onions do it to me all the time.

  21. Gord-geous Sunset. Sitting on a dock. On a calm Canadian lake. Enjoying a cool twilight drink with your buds. Sharing a joint. Bobcaygeon playing on the stereo. Loons and crickets singing back up. Now that's Canadian baby. Fully and Completely. Cheers to The HIP. Forever.

  22. Bobcaygeon is a manual for how to write the best song!

  23. Damned, this song is really good … it would be so much more meaningful if Canadians weren't such pussies.

  24. Simply the greatest Canadiana song. Miss you Gordon Downie.

  25. great tune coming from Edmonton Alberta

  26. A week after Gord passed away, my girlfriend and I were driving through the Kawartha's and this song came on the radio. She's from China and didn't grow up with The Hip. I explained to her why it was so special for us to be hearing this song at this time and in this place. We pulled over and just listened, near some small little dam. We spent the night just outside of Bobcaygeon that night, and when we were out that night, maybe watching the star reveal themselves, she almost cried- and I asked her why. It was because of how beautiful the song was and is, and how special a place it is and was. She said, "I think he understood something about people here more than they understand themselves." As someone who grew up with The Hip, I thought she was putting her finger on the pulse of something I wasn't able to articulate. What a gift Gord's lyrics are to understanding what it is to live in Canada and to be Canadian. He was ahead by a century 🙂

  27. I love the build up to "Aryan twang". Great tune.

  28. When i was 14, my parents let me and some friends go canoe camping. Totally off the grid. They had no idea how remote and unsupervised we were. We brought a lot of beer and hash, and guitars. This song hadn't been written yet, but it was in the works…

  29. I wish there would been a band like the Hip in the seventies , their connection to their fans was inspiring and truly unique .

  30. Rip lahey and Collins.. you guys were the realest.

  31. God truly only takes the best!!!!

  32. Hitch-hiked out of Bobcaygeon on a summer morning before dawn years and years ago. I did indeed see the constellations 'reveal themselves one star at a time.' A tough, but beautful time.

  33. Love you guys I'm smoking a fat joint listening to your wonderful music.peace to you all.

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