The Walking Dead: Every Major Villain Ranked

The Walking Dead has been around for what seems like forever and in some respect, it kind of has. 10 + seasons and 3 movie deals is a lot.

Based on Robert Kirkman’s popular post-apocalyptic horror comic book series of the same name, the show has messed with some details, but all-in-all, it has remained pretty faithful.

In the beginning, the show was extremely successful, bringing in big numbers and awards and the critics couldn’t get enough of it. However, like lots of good television shows, it started to slump, ratings dropped, and critics and fans alike claimed it had become a little stale.

Despite the criticism, the Walking Dead has always done the things it did best right and one of its stand-out achievements has always been the way it handled villains. In a world over-run by zombies, it’s the diversity of bad guys – humans pushed into villainy in extreme conditions, mostly – that really sets the show apart.

But how have the villains stacked up so far?

She might be a little girl but little girls can be scary, especially if they plan on killing other little girls.

Lizzie, along with her sister Mika, first arrived during the 4th season. The girls suddenly found themselves without any parents, because you know, apocalyptic world an all. This then led to series regular, Carol, agreeing to raise them as her own. Little did Carol know, Lizzie would turn out to be a mentally disturbed murderer intent on making friends with zombies.

In fact, little Lizzie loved the walking dead so much, that she started to think she could communicate with them. Even worse, she then became emotionally connected to them. After this, she took it one step further in the evil department and murdered her own sister to try and prove that the walkers had feelings. Finally, she conjured up a plan to kill Rick’s daughter Judith but was stopped by Carol (her adopted mother) who ended up blowing her brains out.

The scene caused a lot of controversy with audiences worldwide and is now referred to as one of the darkest scenes in the show’s history.

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